Deliver it to me baby... Voodoo Mojo Man!!!

Yeah that line was meant for Jack and almost every time we played "Mary Jayne" live or rehearsal, I would look at him and smile. Jack paved the road for The Killing Floor for what it is today. I'll say it one more time. If it wasn't for Jack Trevino, there would be no Killing Floor period.

Jack was a true road warrior and would give you his all regardless, packed house or not. He never bitch about money or other bands sharing the bill with us. It was about the music done our way and capturing the audience even if it was one or two new fans a night... We made sure you would never forget us. Even our bad night were memorable...lol and I'm not kidding...

We loved to rehearse during our down time and we clashed, cried and experience being in the improvise zone, the magic honey, as we used to call it (very few times with Mary Jayne). Jack was relentless and he beat, played, squeezed tones out of his cymbals anything to grab your attention. At one time, he was thinking of setting his drums on fire and looking into his eyes, he wasn't joking...

So how do you box that power... You can't and he fell madly in love and God blessed him before his calling home. Every one has a story and Jack lived his life to the fullest and with no regrets... Jack's story is a love story the showed his devotion to his family first, his bands and his passion second. Family was glue to the village, as he would called it.

Ben of Electric Ocean, on his respects to Jack and very beautifully written, painted an image of Jack and thunder. Every time you hear thunder, its Jack sitting on his kit hammering away with or for the Gods... Think of Jack when you hear thunder. Oh yeah, he would always rain dance for us too...lol

You are one of kind my brother and we love you and cherish everything you brought to the table and you left a legacy behind.

Long Live Voodoo Mojo Man... "Jack Trevino"
~Juan Carlos & The Killing Floor

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