CD Update... Feb. 21 and Feb. 23, 2006

(The man!! Peter Carie of The Rhythm Room studios)

All right... I'm still under the weather and I feeling a bit better and just have enough energy to write this here and tell you what is going on. I been having some sever chronic insomnia for the past two weeks and it's kicking my ass pretty dam hard right now... In the last 72 hours, starting Monday, I counted maybe six hours of sleep. That's about two hours a day, give or take... I have a very bad headache on the top of my head, chills, fever, sneezing and bronchitis... Talk about a low immune system... Well enough of the wining and here's what's going on...

(My Dillion Flying V and Peavey Blues Classic was used one of the rhythm track on "Streets")

Feb 21: When in at around 11:am until 6:00pm and it was the first day to do lead guitar parts. I dropped off my mom at an appointment and I got lost trying to make to the studio along the way... Here I thought I knew my way in/out of San Antonio...

I felt like total shit thru out the whole Tuesday Feb. 21 day session... That was the day sickness and fatigue was creeping in...

The lead tracks that were complete Tuesday Feb. 21, 2006:

1.What I Dreamed To Do
2.Earth Blues
3.It's Not Me
4.Mary Jane

Feb. 23 10:00am - 8:30pm.... It was long and gruling but I finished all the lead guitar parts. It did feel good to play and I got in the zone pretty quickly... I do wished I had more time but I am about 85% happy with it. I had ask Peter towards the end of the day. To play me the Tuesday's session to make sure the feel was right and I was pleased what I heard.

The lead tracks done on the Feb. 23, 2006. 10:00am-8:30pm:

1.Day By Day

2.There's A Hole In My Heart


4.Satan's Alley



(Live at Sam's Buger Joint in Jan' 06.)

March 3rd is schedule for vocal duties...

The CD will take longer for it's released. I'm looking at maybe late March early April... JCM

Yamaha RGX-A2


Yamaha RGX -A2 is one of the guitars that I used for "Satan's Alley and "What I Dreamed To Do"... Peter and I was so impressed with it's tone and resonating sounds. I played some open chords and it shows off it's crunch and roar.

I did exactly what I wanted to do, which was, add some different sound textures and this beauty performed wonderfully... The pickups are not twangy as a single coil and it doesn't have that high output humbucker sound either. It's somewhere in between and it's very sweet and heavenly... JCM

From the www.yamaha.com site:

The All New RGX A2 electric guitar is a marvel of modern technology. The proprietary A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) construction body, LED lit cylindrical diecast knobs, diecast cylindrical tuners, and Yamaha Alnico soapbar pickups make this a high tech transport for your musical creativity.

Original A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance)
Yamaha Original
Pickups: 2 Yamaha Alnico Humbuckers
Controls: Graphic Pickup Selector Knob, Volume Knob
Colors: White, Aircraft Gray


Feb. 11 & 12, 2006: Day two and three in the studio..

The Killing Floor's CD demands more time!!

All right here's what happen Saturday from 3:30pm - 3:00am and Sunday 6:00pm-12:00am. All rhythm tracks are done except for two "Earth Blues" and "Satan's Alley".

From Right to Left: American Fender Telecaster, Eric Clapton Fender "Kel-Blackie" with a light scallop fretboard and Epiphone "Dot" archtop.

The Telecaster is all over Day By Day and will be used on the solos also. The Epi is all over "It's Not Me" and was used with the Yamaha DG100A amp.

Manic Depression was done in one take just like rehearsal. The scratch rhythm with lead will stay. I figured the feel and vibe was there so why even fuck with it. You might hear some amp noise which it's cool because it's the only track that won't be so polished and was not constructed part by part.

G&L S-500 "Maggie" , 40th anniversary American strat "Jeannie" and a Yamaha DG100A amp. The Yamaha DG is one of the best amp for clean. Hands down for it's amazing and unique tone. "It's Not Me" is where you'll hear this amp shine all by it's self. I haven't used the small Vox VBM1 yet but I'm planning on using it on the solo parts of "Streets".

What took time was playing rhythms to where my solos would be. Remember there were no solos to use as reference as I'm playin' along. I had to come up with a rhythm parts right there and then and fast.

Fender Princeton is the amp that's miked up. The bottom right amp behind the Fender Princeton is a Peavey Delta Blues and I blew the 15" speaker right in the middle of Mary Jane. Peter suggested to use his Fender Princeton because the tone was closes to what I was looking for. A twang tone with lots of grit and a smooth gain distortion breakup as you cranked up the volume very loud.

My Fender strat "Jeannie", an original "Tube Screamer TS 808"pedal, and Peter's Fender Princeton and that was it... I used this setup on the right rhythm channel of "Mary Jane"... Check out the pictures... That's Peter's pedal board by the way...

The Holy Grail of pedals is the green one. An original "Tube Sceamer TS808". SRV used theses by the way to get that heavenly boosted solo tones on his earlier albums or CDs...

The Killing Floor's CD will not sound the same as far as amp and guitar tones... There's was lots of planning and busting my back hauling lots of gear back and forth... wheww ohh shit!!...
I will go back on Feb 20th and do the remaining rhythms tracks and finish off the solo leads parts.... Till then stay tune!! JCM


Day 1: Friday 6:00pm-12:00am Feb. 10, 2006

(the machines)

Here some pictures from the studio session day 1...

Eleven tracks were recorded:

track 10. "Down Down on Me" was omitted from the original track list and instead "Manic Depression" and "Earth Blues" was added. Reason for not recording "Down Down on Me"?? It' still a very new song and stills needs lots a work and mileage. Plus we were running out of time and decided to replace it was two tracks the we could rip thru very fast...

Drum and bass tracks are done and Saturday all the guitars will be recorded next. The plan on Sunday to record vocals, backing and other fills...

Friday's session went very well and one of the highlights.... Jack killing his kit on "Manic Depression". He shines on that track.... JCM


The Killing Floor will be in the Studio Feb. 10-12, 2006

Alright here's what's going on... NEW CD In MARCH!! The Killing Floor will be in the studio Feb. 10-12... It will be about 20 hours in three days maybe even more days added... I will make it a point not to be an all out strat guitar recorded CD. It will have different textures, tones and sounds...

I'm taking everything but the kitchen sink and I'm going to ask if I could spend the night also and might not even shower for those three days too....lol


Peavey Classic 50 and Peavey Blues Classic with a fithteen inch speaker, Peavey 5150 combo, a Yamaha DG 60, and a Yamaha DG 100 with 2-12 celestion green backs. I also will be cheating and using a Line 6 POD 2.0 version. I will also have access to Fender amps, maybe even Marshalls and will use those as well.

My guitars that will be used:

Strats sounds:

G&L's, Fenders, one Italia, and one Burns.

Telecaster:A USA made blue one that I haven't given a female name yet...

Heavy dual humbucker Les Paul sounds:

2 Yamaha AES

Two baritones guitars: Yamaha AES and OLP..

Other guitars:

Epiphone E335 dot, and a Yamaha E335 style with three soap bar pickups, Jerry Jones Sitar, Ibanez RT 12 string, Yamaha Dave Navarro Signature Acoutsic, a Yamaha Compass 12 string acoutsic.


Just whatever I'm using now on my pedal board: Dunlop Crybabe and my Yamaha Magic Stomp for texture like flange, chorus and other wierd sounds.

Again here's the order of the setlist... All the ten songs are original TKF tunes except for the extras last two... Which are Hendrix cover tunes...

3.Mary Jane
4.What I dream to do
5.Day By Day
6.There's Hole In My Heart
7.It's Not Me
9.Satan's Alley
10.Down, Down on Me

11.Earth Blues
12.Manic Depression

January Stats... From: SA ROCKS BLOG

(STOP!! When you find the quest of self discovery.)

Taken from www.sarocks.blogspot.com

February 1, 2006:

Well, January was down in hits from December, but that's about right for the entertainment industry, judging from my experience in working in bars. Big dip after the holiday season, picking back up around Rodeo time in this town, so I'm not worried.

Anyhow, here are the Top 5's:

Top 5 Band Links Clicked On
String Theory
Rok Candy

Top 5 Club Links Clicked On:
Q Bar
Sherlock's Pub
The White Rabbit
The Sanctuary

Top Five on the Jukebox:By Hits
Amplifyd "Sun and Moon"
Skunkweed "Wasted"
Monkey Blood "Head"
21BLACK "Take Some Time" (cover)
The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)

By Kilobytes:
The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)
Monkey Blood "Head"
21BLACK "Take Some Time" (cover)
Amplifyd "Sun and Moon"
Skunkweed "Wasted"

Close Contenders:
Desdemona "One More Tragedy"
Sexto Sol "Riverside"
Structure "Like I Should"

Review by Rowan:

Voodoo Chile and The Vampires Made Love...

I have received lots of compliments on "Voodoo Chile" and "...And Vampires Made Love" and again I'm so greatful for the love. On a sad note they will be replaced once the new material are done and finished... So if you haven't down loaded them yet do so now. By March the 15th on my birthday they will be replaced. Now if we do have more time I will maybe... This is a big maybe... Have an exclusive cover for Myspace. It all about recording this year!!!

(Do it!!... Down Load'em)