The Killing Floor would like to welcome on the keys...

Darren Stansbury is now officially in The Killing Floor Band. After weeks of him and I going over our set list and making sense of everything was... Fun- yeah right...lol

Darren and I go way back... About four years and the timing back then wasn't right and other negative karma within the band was also an issue...

BUT NOW!! I'm so very excited about the new members... My new brothers: Miguel and now Darren!! If you read this... Here's a toast on the future new sights and sounds of the new Killing Floor (mach IV). yeah -yeah Deep Purple so what!! I've been soo much shit trying to make this work and so now I'm in a happy place with a bunch of great guys that seee eye to eye with me.

Last night's rehearsal was incredible and it just goes to show that with the right group of guys nothing is impossible. New rehearsals music will be posted soon on our podOmatic player on the new line up... ~JCM

Spread Your Magic Honey...

The leap of faith in taking that very first step in self discovery is always a challenge. The regrets of asking yourself, "why I didn't, or I should have done this when", is my biggest fears to have to live with when I old and grey. Live life to the fullest and be everything you dream to be. In the end the only person you have to answer for is yourself and God... So with that being said... Take care of yourself... For yourself is all that you have... Spreading your magic wisdom is the legacy you'll leave behind.


"SAVVY" (2006 MS Mix)

I don't know the release date of the new Killing Floor CD but for the mean time here's a mastered version of "SAVVY". We gone through some personal change and some personal issues is what keeping us from releasing it.

Here's the story again what phases mean... I really don't mind explaining it and it's really for me to keep track anyways.

I was given three CDs phases mixes of the whole 11 song CD and phase one being the not so close to what I want and phase 3 being the closes mix to be finalized. There's is one more EQ-ing and tweaking CD that will be phase 4 but that will be afterwards and I don't have that one yet. Sooooo....Anyways here's phase one mix n' mastered of "Savvy". I figured once it's mastered by a pro the whole CD and these four songs on MySpace will sound very sonically different from the finale mix n' mastered version. So that's why I mention these versions as for MySpace only. Soo here it is "SAVVY (P1)" Enjoy! ~JCM


Hole In My Heart (2006 MS mix)

***Update 9-11-06, 5:45am***I Re-Mastered "Hole In My Heart". The bass was way too loud for my liking on the old one so it's re-done... My mastering skills are getting better... I think...lol~JCM

Here's a Myspace mix of "Hole In My Heart". This track is from phase one mix out of three version mixes. I know this will be confusing but it keep me on track what version is what when searching for files. This is a mastered version mixed by me using Steinberg's Waves 5. This version will not be the same on CD release. "Hole In My Heart" Myspace version and will remain and replace the old unmastered track. Enjoy! ~JCM