"it's Not Me" (P1LC version) only on podOmatic.

"It's Not Me" (Phase One, Loud Chorus) version. This version is special because it's more chorusy (if such a word) than it's suppose to be. This mix here has been done just for you to hear.

The song is about coming to grips with yourself to the point of saying I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the abuse and now it's time for a change. In many ways finding peace within can come with just a drive on a highway or maybe quiet time in a room to gather your thoughts. And yes the ending is a march of death that ends all of the pain but it's really up to you on how your pain ends afterwards. Is it a new you or does it become the death of you. "It's Not Me (P1LC) Version" Enjoy! ~JCM


What I Dream To Do (P1B3 version) only on podOmatic

Here's phase I mix with loud B3 version of "What I Dream To Do". It's a different mixed version than what is going to be released on CD or what's posted on Myspace.

On this version you hear the B3 organ gliss right before the pre-chorus kicking in and also the backing vocals are louder. While recording at first it was a great idea for a livelier sound but the more I heard it, as Peter and I were tweaking the mix, the more I hated it...lol So the B3 gliss was taken off for a more tighter pre-chorus.

So here it is... Phase I mix with B3 gliss version of "What I Dream To Do". Enjoy! ~JCM


Starlight San Antonio, Club Envy & The Pedal Board Rescue.

Starlight San Antonio/Club Envy (8-18-06)
Miguel first gig with The Killing Floor.

Great show at Starlight/Club Envy this past Friday (8-18-06)... Made new fans and as always the Club Envy crowd and camp made us feel at home. This was Miguel's first gig with The Killing Floor with one rehearsal under his belt one day before the gig. He performed like a star and was thunder-in away and made us sound better than ever. Thank you Miguel....

One funny thing that happen to me is that I almost didn't use my pedal board which really wasn't a big deal. But Pat Trevino, Jack's lovely wife called Jack's sister for an extension cord and long story short, Jill and her hubby brought one and saved the day. So on with the show with wah-craziness as always and we performed five songs that night...

10:00pm (Sound Check)

1. You Are So Excited

10:45pm (Show Time)

2. Mary Jayne
3. What I Dream To Do
4. Voodoo Child
5. Hole In My Heart

Many thanks and all of my love to Sherril, Amiee, Nesio (The DJ) & The Club Envy Crowd. Starlight owner, manager, staff, and of course there beautiful waitresses. Jill Trevino and her hubby for lugging that monstrous bright yellow industrial 100 Ft. cord inside the club and ignoring the stares coming in the club...lol and I'm not forgetting Pat Trevino for the phone call for the pedal board rescue. and of course my musical brothers, Jack, Miguel and Larry of The Killing Floor.

Scuttle Buttin' (early Killing Floor 2002 version)

This was recorded at my studios "Utopia" during the summer of 2002. and first incarnation of The Killing Floor. The JCM Band, the name of the band at the time, with the original line up and only a three piece.

JCM: Guitars
David Garza: Bass
Sonny: Drums

Captured here is my first time doing this track "Scuttle Buttin', a Stevie Ray Vaughan tune. Looking back at my guitar and amp tone... It was very different and I do remember using a Carvin XB-100 amp, I think is the name of the model, and my green Legacy G&L (Yvonne). I was in a Stevie Ray Vaughan kick mode for about six months. I remember a buddy of mine Brian asking me to do this tune back in '92. So it stayed with me and low and behold I'm doing it now. Brian, my friend, this one will always be for you bro... Early and rare stuff that you'll hear only here... Enjoy!! ~JCM