Talk is Cheap...

Larry Rimes

Lost our percussionist Larry Rimes and his brother Tom Rimes (sax) this past Wednesday and here's the scoop as to why I'm pissed.

We had our rehearsals with Tom and I really enjoyed his playing very much so that I asked if he wanted to be in the band on the spot. Promising new sounds with just two rehearsals, it was a great way to start off the new year. We all left on a happy note and very much antispated our next rehearsal day. Well... Wednesday came and went and the Rimes brothers were a no show. I was consern it was not like Larry not call and plus his cell remained busy up until the next day Thursday. I then left a message to Larry early Thursday morning when Miggs, my bassplayer, gives me the news of them parting ways from the band around 3:00pm and I'm still not clear as to why. Miggs also mention that Larry tried calling me but my cell signal was weak and couldn't reach me. I then check my messages and missed calls and of course they were none... I then called and left a nice message like "Hey man everything is cool and I'm not mad, just give me a call and let me know what happen"

Well its now Sunday and I still haven't received a call. At his point I'm fucking angry... I don't like to be left in the dark and I at least earn the common courtsey after five years of playing together to receive a phone call. I don't run this band with an iron fist or intimidate my band of brothers. I respect and listen to everyones wishes just as they listen to mine. The last dumbass that left the band did the same thing and was made into an example of what not to do because its just not right... Well the lack of NOT having the balls reared its ugly head again. Larry always preached and campaige promised these long speeches of morale and loyality to one another... To me... Talk is cheap and I at least told it like it was with no surprises or bullshit. The struggles, the let downs, going up against the grain and the status quo of this town. I've always remain true and untouched because I do believe in our selves and actions will always speak louder than words. Well to me anyways... ~JCM