Here's an update on The Killing Floor

David Garza will be going back to school, so for that reason he has to retire from the band. His studies will demand much of his time and so, we wish David the best of luck and our blessing on whatever he does. We can't thank him enough for one of our busiest year The Killing Floor has ever experience.

Jango IS BACK!!! James "Jango" Sanchez will be taking over the bass duties with plenty of enthusiasm and fire and while still in school. He graduates on Dec. 17th, Jango will finish off the year with us and back to the studio we go in January...

Darren is back also on the keys... Friday was a very productive night for us and the first time in months since we've jammed with Darren. We wrote five new tunes after rehearsal... So yes he was greatly missed, and we are glad that he's back...

So here's the current line up for The Killing Floor

1. ~Juan Carlos Vocals and Guitar
2. Jango on Bass
3. Matt Wright on Drums
4. Darren Stansberry on Keyboards and pianos...
5. Roland Savverda on Drums and percussion

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