A Gibson Strat w/Hendrix 's name on it?? Fucking sickening and wacky!! Where's the RPM meter? Jimi's rolling in his grave.

Why Gibson didn't make it a Flying -V with Hendrix style graphics, maybe with stickers instead to bring the cost down.. What's next a Fender Les Paul?? Shame on you too Gibson... You guys should know better... ~Juan Carlos

Gibson Unveils Strat-Style Jimi Hendrix Signature Line

ast week, Gibson quietly announced the development of a line of guitars with Jimi Hendrix's sister Janie Hendrix, who manages the Authentic Hendrix brand. In Gibson's online story, they call the guitar, "an entirely new and unprecedented Jimi Hendrix guitar model designed by the Authentic Hendrix and Gibson." Photos and details have now been released for the guitar packages, and it is not necessarily "entirely new." Instead, the models represent Gibson's first foray into the S-style guitar.

The combination of Gibson, Authentic Hendrix and the Strat comes on the heels of a March 2009 United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board decision that denied Fender a trademark to the generic Tele, Strat and P-Bass body styles. The new Authentic Hendrix guitars feature a slightly sharper headstock.

Authentic Hendrix's press release, posted to Music Radar this morning, includes photos and descriptions of three entry-level packages that will be released under the Jimi Hendrix name. The packages range from $229 to $449 and include extras like a practice amp, gig bag, t-shirt and budget-level fuzz pedal.

In Gibson's interview with Janie, she said that, "This is just the tip of iceberg. We want to have a whole line of Jimi-inspired instruments." With a lukewarm (at best) reaction from most of the online community, we're wondering which direction they're planning on taking future models. Initial comments suggest that while budget packages may have shelf appeal for youngsters, Gibson might have a harder time turning experienced players on to a Gibson-produced S-style.

Trademark status denied for fender body shapes

This is pure fucking greed on Fender... And yes I agree after soo many years... WTF Fender?? This IS good news for the guitar and guitar making community...~Juan Carlos

Trademark status denied for fender body shapes: trademark board calls Strat, Tele, and P-Bass "Generic": Fender management ponders appeal.

Music Trades • May, 2009 • FOREFRONT

FENDER MUSICAL Instruments' efforts to trademark the body shape outlines of its Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Precision bass models were rejected by the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in a decision handed down on March 25, 2009. The Board concluded that after more than 50 years in the market, the guitar body shapes had become generic because consumers did not solely associate them with the Fender brand.

The decision was the culmination of lengthy legal proceedings that date back to 2003, when Fender initially filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeking trademark registration for the two-dimensional body shapes for the Strat, Tele, and P-Bass. Concerned that Fender might be granted the legal right to limit their product offerings, other guitar manufacturers banded together to oppose the application. A suit filed under the heading of Stuart Spector Designs, et al. v. Fender Musical Instruments Corp., was joined by manufacturers Jim Triggs Guitars, JS Technologies, Lakeland Musical Instruments, Levinson Musical Products, Michael Tobias Design, Peavey Electronics, Tom Anderson Guitar Works, Sadowsky Guitars, Saga Musical Instruments, Schecter Guitar Research, ESP Guitars, Tradition Guitars, U.S. Music Corp., Warmoth Guitars, and WD Music Products. The opposing guitar makers argued that in failing to legally police or protect its body shapes for 50 years, Fender had lost the fight to trademark them.


Ronald Bienstock, senior partner at Bienstock & Michael, who argued the case said, "This case is an important victory for the guitar industry as a whole. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has prevented Fender from gaining a monopoly on these body shapes that have been used by hundreds of manufacturers for half a century." Fender management expressed disappointment with the ruling and is currently considering whether to appeal the decision. "We believed strongly that the evidence supported our arguments," said Bill Mendello, Fender CEO. "We disagree with the conclusions reached by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board."


My apologies and closure...

My apologies for those that had to read and see a side of me that i usually don't make public...

I had a gig this weekend and just to make the gig was an act of congress. Matt got sick on me so i asked Roland S. of Chicas De Canela, to fill in on the drums duties. He said "fuck yeah, lets do it".

So that was that and just as im leaving its starts to rain and then my mother at the last minute wants to go see my dad at his house. Well by then Im just freaking out, I should be on the highway to San Marcos 30mins ago and here I am driving Ms Daisy...lol

So I'm on the road and I start making calls to make sure everyone made it and im flying in the hard rain to the gig. As soon as i get there... Starting unloading from my van to the stage... So I had no time to catch my breathe, just straight in setup and perform...

The band's performance wasn't very good due to lack rehearsals from my mates canceling rehearsals and that an issue that i will fix before the new year... You better fucking believe that... but anyways...

So here I am back home and exhausted and I receive a message via-here from Patti (Jack's girlfriend) on how Jack's feelings were hurt because I didn't ask him to perform and you know, trying to place a guilt trip and exaggerating on me being distant...

I'm going to take you back about three weeks ago from today.
Jack, Jason Z.(on bass) and myself did a jam out session with Jack... Jack was a total trooper and played his ass off and took it to the furthest that he could, but you can see the pain. So I had to step back and not over do it and Patti and I would monitor Jack. We all had a blast and it felt great to play with Jack again. When it was over I hugged him and said you let me know when you wanna get together again. I have a few gigs coming up, but its on you and of course on how you are feeling. That's why Jack left his cymbals and I will return them to him.

Back to my response to Patti's (Jack's girlfriend) Myspace message of two days ago...

I was very cordial in my response back and ask for respect and consideration on my daily duties. I had a very busy week and personal issues to take care of and yes, it has taken a toll on me and has exhausted most of my time and efforts these past two weeks.

Well... History always has the tendencies of repeating its self and people will never change their ways...

Had I ask Jack to perform that night... I know he'd probably would... Jack has that fearless Indian warrior in him when it comes to performing music. He'd probably take his tubes out of his body and say "lets rock the fuck out". I know Jack for seven years.

All I can say is... Jack needs to get better and he will kick the cancer's ass. I would never ask of him something that would land him in the hospital and probably even kill him.

So with that being said... If anyone has any questions on me, feel free to message me here... I know Patti is going to blog on how much of a-son-of-a-bitch I am and so forth... I'm used to it and have seen it with other people she ousted before. I think this is the tenth time we get into some shit and she starts the delete, delete, delete MySpace game. Which BTW, I find that to be so fucking hilarious. It feels like middle school again..lol

But anyways, Im soo tired of this back and forth bullshit with Patti and I am done with them and have placed my closer. My phone line and my time will always be up on a drop of a dime for Jack and the Trevino's family with much love and respect, always and forever.

Keep Jack in your prayers and that's one thing Patti can't take away from us.

You do take care of Jack the best way that you can, and I commented and shown support on all of your blogs. But this redneck 6th grade attitude you have towards us and people, we just got tired of your bullshit. You are 45 years old and not sixteen, so its not cute anymore. You and I have nothing to talk about, so don't call or text me. You have already cause so much harm between Jack and I and I know your sole purpose is to make me and others look so bad. So whatever, I am done with you and you have yourself a nice life...