Darren Stansbury will be in hiatus

Darren Stansbury will be in hiatus from The Killing Floor do to work related restrictions. He will make special appearances on our shows from time to time and is due to be back early 2010. He will be missed and wish him the best during his absence from The Killing Floor. ~Juan Carlos

The Killing Floor's newest member: James Perez (2nd Guitar and backing Vocals)

(James Perez has joined the Killing Floor as their second guitarist)

We're definitely gonna have a heavier sound, but those are not my intentions for The Killing Floor.

I had five guitar players in mind to ask for the audition, that would compliment The Killing Floor's sound and not turning into a guitar dueling completion.

James was the first, I ask to join as a member, only because of his Latin style of playing and plus he plays and loves Gibson Les Pauls...lol He's a great guitar player, singer, musician and he even fronted his band Karnaval. The collaboration between the two of us for the future will be intense, interesting and an experience.

~Juan Carlos