Message of love to my friend... Jack Trevino

We love and will dearly miss you my brother.
(RIP Jack Trevino 02-17-1960 - 11-04-2009)
What a gift it was to hold your hand and tell you, thank you and how much I love you towards the end. Your last smile as your eyes directed towards me, touched my soul profoundly in ways beyond words or images.

You lived your life with the message of love in your heart, devotion in your mind and your soul was as gentle as the smoke flowing through air from your burning incense. To love and to be loved was the muse to your karma.

As you placed your drum sticks down for the last time. The resonating hammering of your drum kit along with your heart, will now be forever miss by your family, friends and fans. I will hurt for your everything my brother.

We know as you hammer away on your drums for the Gods in the skies, your thunder will always be received with a smile... A Jack Trevino smile.

Long live Jack Trevino, The Voodoo Mojo Man!!

~Juan Carlos

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Anonymous said...

I went to high school with Jack Trevino in the San Fernando Valley. I also had the pleasure to have Jack as my drummer in the late 80's. We both shared a love of Jimi Hendrix music. Jack was a wild man on the drums. I gave him the nickname of Jack "The Ripper" Trevino. To this day old friends ask what ever happened to "Jack the Ripper". Sadly, I will now tell them he is playing with the greatest up in heaven.

Rest in Peace my friend!

Joe Espinosa