Jack Trevino's daily condition can be found here...

Jack Trevino the original drummer for The Killing Floor, was diagnose with lymphoma cancer last year in late August. During the time of mid October thru early December 2008, a grueling treatment of kimo-therapy for eight weeks was given with great end results. Well, earlier this year on a routine check up, the doctors took notice on something unual and what turns out the cancer was back. One caner spot in one of the lungs and the other in liver. As you can imagine, this was a devastating blow to our family, friends and fans.

The first type of kimo was given, but didn't do anything to slow down or kill the new cancer, so an experimental and new type of kimo is being perform. The bad is it makes Jack very sick, and whats worse the cancer has now spread to his other lung and the other side of his lymph node in his neck.

Please befriend Jack and show him the love and let us all keep him in our prayers tonight. He's one of the most beautiful human being I ever met and the riff between Patti (Jack's girlfriend) and I, is not even an issue anymore. We have been through so much bullshit, but in the end, we have always remain as close as blood brothers.

This is everything in a nutshell sorta speak... There's so much more, but to keep up with the latest news on Jack Trevino's condition, please visit and befriend him via-here on MySpace. He's my top number on MySpace


Show him the love or say hi, and prayers, he would certainly need and love...


Thank you and again please, keep him in your prayers night.

Jack, we love man and I will be speaking and seeing you soon next week bro, when you are feeling alittle better. Love you bro, ~Juan Carlos


Tom Rimes on Sax for The Killing Floor

Tom Rimes ripping it up at the GOC event San Antonio, Oct. 'o8
(Jango: bass, Tom: sax, Darren: keys)

Tom has played with us before, so he's no stranger to our music and style. He'll be full time memeber and certainly bring a whole new a ray of colors to our sound. We are proud and honored to have Tom on board and thank you, Larry Rimes (TKF's percussionist) for your blessings.

When not playing for The Killing Floor, Tom and Larry Rimes do have and front their own band; Native Soul. Catch their dates here...


More info and bio on Tom Rimes soon!!

Peace, ~Juan Carlos