"Bad Boy" My Lefty guitar played righty

The last time this guitar saw any live action was at Tacoland and it was my last time there as The Killing Floor. At that time the setup was very bad and I only played on one tune "Hey Joe". The graphic work wasn't done by me and I remember stickers all over it too.

I couldn't see myself purchasing a Fender's "Jimi Hendrix Woodstock" strat for high price $$$. I bought "Bad Boy" a Squire, at a pawnshop for $100.00. It very different of course in feel and the volume and tone knobs rub against your arm when strumming, which makes it very uncomfortable to play and also it's almost impossible to reach 21-22 frets.

The pickups are Fender Custom shop something... The tone is very clean and twangy... And I mean you can hear each string's bang and twang away... There are not high output and the tone is very different from a strat.

I scalloped 12-2 fret, cleaned and did a complete setup... Will see how it goes... ~JCM

Starlight Room: November 4, 2006

First 3 hour gig with the full band. I don't know of drink specials yet.

Darren: Keys
Miguel: Bass
Jack: Drums
Larry: Percussion
JCM: Vocals & Guitars