People always ask me... Where you get that sound...

All right here's my pedal board and effects are chained as follows:
Line 6 DM distortion /> Dunlop Cry baby /> Yamaha Magic Stomp /> Yamaha UD Stomp. It might seem that I use a lot, but it' s all bells and whistles here... The only thing that I do usually have on 85% of the time is the "Small Comp" preset on my Magic Stomp... I use delays, backward delays and swells for certain songs or moods. I don't really used any choruses even though I do like'em... I will upgrade to a Magic Stomp II and I will bring back my Line 6 Delay modeler for 2006. The Line 6 DM, the yellow distortion pedal, has a cool univibe and fuzz... I don't rely on a distortion pedals for my main distortion sound I used the amp for that all natural tube overdrive distortion... I only use the distortion pedal for boot or added over-the-top fuzz. It's pretty simple and I always try to use "true bypass" pedals so my sound don't get any added color single to my sound... Now the Magic Stomp does add some color, when in bypass mode, that actually sounds very good so I guess it does have it's magic. I will review and give as much insight on the Yamaha Magic Stomp and II. It's the best natural sounding, most versatile and the possibilities are endless and it's soo freaking inexpensive too.

Guitarplayers can never have enough tools... Not toys!!

(Steve Vai's tools)


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Another Six-Stringer Gone Home...

A buddy of mine that has an ear on the latest and the greatest and also the obscure... Knew my taste in music and had recommended Chris Whitley to me because he knew I loved the blues but also music that wasn't main stream. My very first CD from Chris Whitley titled "Living With The Law" is one of my favorite and it shows Chris as a very clever guitar player with an astounding technique and blessed with an angelic voice. His music showed he was way ahead if his time and as I started collecting more of Chris Whitley CDs I notice that he was very unpredictable. He would always striving for his music and vision no matter what trends or what people would predict of him. A true artist visionary that had passion for his music and what a sad and tragic lost. Chris had so much to offer to guitarplayers and most importantly to us musician/visionaries.

This song was dedicated and performed at Austin City Limits for the late Stevie Ray Vaughan and other blues guitarplayer legends during the late nineties... I feel it's also a perfect song for Chris...

Rest In Peace bro and thanks for your beautiful music.... JCM

Chris Whitley 1960-2005

Blues Lyrics - Hans Theessink: Six Strings Down

All rights to lyrics included on these pages belong to the artists and authors of the works. All lyrics, photographs, soundclips and other material on this website may only be used for private study, scholarship or research.

by Aaron Neville / C. Neville / E. Kalb / K. Smith / Jimmy Vaughan recording of 1998 from Lifeline (Blue Groove BG-9020),

Alpine valley
In the middle of the night
Six strings down
On the heaven-bound flight
Got a pick, a strap, guitar on his back
Ain't gonna cut the angels no slack
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home
See the voodoo chile
Holding out his hand
I've been waitin' on you brother
Welcome to the band
Good blues-stringin'
Heaven-fine singin'
Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Been lis'nin' to your playin'
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home
Lord they called
Another blues-stringer back home
Albert Collins up there
Muddy an' Lightnin' too
Albert King and Freddy
Playin' the blues
T-Bone Walker, Guitar Slim
Little Son Jackson and Frankie Lee Sims
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home
Lord they called
Another blues-stringer back home
Lord they called
Another blues-stringer back home
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home
Lord they called
Another blues-stringer back home
Heaven done called
Another blues-stringer back home
They called
Another blues-stringer back home
Back home

Chris Whitley 1960-2005

Chris Whitley 1960-2005

Words from Trixie Whitley:

My father took his last breath last night the 20th of November. I would like to make it clear that the people he needed and loved the most were with him while and when he left in peace. Those were Dan, Susann, my beloved mother Helene and me. I would also like to ask you guys to understand there is a very fine line between Chris Whitley the legendary musician and Chris Whitley the Father, Brother, and Lover.

This was my Dad's favorite line from the first song I ever wrote, this is for you Daddy:

"Like the feather we blow away, in the
Thoughtlessness of words others say."

All faith and peace,Trixie Whitley

Words from Dan Whitley:

I just wanted to add Chris passed over surrounded by lots of love. The time we spent with Chris in these last days were something I'll never forget and these women whom I shared Chris's last moments with were just amazing. Susann Buerger who was by his side nonstop (Chris planned to marry Susann) held him in his arms the moment he passed in absolute and total peace, the reason I mentioned this is I always felt being held by someone you love while you passed over was a truly special thing. Trixie my niece is one of the strongest young woman I have ever met and Chris was always so proud of her whenever we spoke, Im also incredibly proud to be her uncle and love her beyond words. Corinne gave her home to Chris and the rest of us in this time of need and didnt stop taking care of things that needed to be taken care of the entire time, she gave us all a sanctuary to take care of Chris in and went way out of her way to help from the beginning and is still helping.Me, I pretty much just cried my ass off when I wasn't helping Susanne with Chris....still crying.
I hope you all will mourn my brothers death but more important celebrate his life as Chris was all about life and living... I started the celebration by cranking up Dirt floor in his honor...crying still.

Chris Whitley's Legacy will no doubt transcend all time.
Love and Light,Daniel


Italia Modulo Guitar Named "Liv"

An Italia Modulo guitar named of "Liv"... She's another favorite of mine and the only one to have a P-90 pickup at the bridge. There for having the meanest twang out of all my strats. I first used her at a Club Envy night event and that's the gig where I started breaking out of my shyness shell sorta of speak back in June of 2004.

(Summer of 2005 @ Bottom's Up and picture taken fr: Kel)

Here specs are: Sparkle glitter blue in front and torter shell plastic that looks like mother-of-peal at the back of guitar body and neck. Very unique and sexy stand-out-look. Agathis body, 22 jumbo frets, Wilkinson trem bar, with a tilted back headstock. She feels very different from a strat but she does have that Fender vib at the neck and middle position pickups. I like to use her for "Smoke on the Water" and " Highway Star" Deep Purple cover tunes...

(October 30, 2004 @ Matt Daddies)

She has a very clean and smooth growl when using the treb position P-90 pickup very unlike a high output humbucker. I've always like low-output pickups because of there weak magnet... I love to hear the tone of wire and the wood of the guitar. Making the amp work harder to capture total tone and that to me the one of the keys to great guitar tone.

(October 30, 2004 @ Matt Daddies)

Check out there website at www.italiaguitars.com

They have some other killer models and they don't cost a fortune.

(My next one on my list is this white one with a P-90 also)


G&L S-500 Guitar Named... "Maggie"

This is a G&L S-500 and she goes by the name of Maggie... This baby was used all over the place during the recording of The Killing floor's version of Voodoo Chile... Real quick and painless specs: Rosewood fretboard, Ash Body, with 22 jumbo frets, it does have locking tuners and the only modifications done was to replace the original nut with a bone nut...

"My favorite part was when Garbage walked by and handed JCM a cordless phone, and without breaking stride at all, JCM grabbed the phone and started playing his guitar with it." ~ Rowan

(Pictures courtesy of Rowan of www.sarocks.com)

I used Maggie to open up my very first gig in 2002 as a front man at Tacoland and that's why it holds a special place in my heart. The gig event was called Herbfest '02 and I think we did only three songs. What I do remember was me being very nervous but I did loosen up towards the end of last song and it did end up costing me. I didn't know how to twirl my guitar while laying it flat on the floor and when I did the neck by the nut took a hard hit and chipped the nut off and a piece of wood that held it... I was very pissed and very green towards guitar stunts. I still used her and I tried not to get too crazy on her live. She has very high output pickups that is not as tangy as a Fender strat. She has lots of git and meat to her and that's what makes her sound very unique.

AAh yes... Me licking Maggie

(Pictures courtesy of Rowan of http://www.sarocks.com)

Second and third pictues were taken at Rock City Bar November 4, 2005...

Thanks again Rowan you rock... JCM


Double Clutch in Austin

November, 25, HEADHUNTERS, with ESE and many more...www.stic.net for more info.


Double Clutch - Countdown

Double Clutch at Rock City Bar this Sat., Nov. 19th.

Next up in Austin at Headhunters, day after Thanksgiving, Fri., Nov. 25th. Then I believe Spider Mike has a new line-up. Good luck guys!


Rick Sanford of Legs Diamond as a special guest for The Killing Floor. July 4, 2005

(Rick Sanford 1979: Lead front man for Legs Diamond)

One of The Killing Floor's proudest highlight for 2005 is with Rick Sanford jamming on a few gigs with The Killing Floor and of course the "offical"July 4th gig. TKF had 2-3 rehearsals with Rick and the setlist for that night was as follows:
1.Rok Doktor
2.Underworld King
3.Stage Fright
4.Immigrant Song
5.Highway Star
6.Out On Bail
We did our set as usual and about an 1hr and 30minutes later Rick came in and we did the six songs shown above... I do remeber have tech problems with my guitar and few other things but for the most part it was a awesome. It was truley an honor performing with a rock legend Rick Sanford and I wish him the best of luck with his music and his projects...
Posted here is The Rick Sanford interview by Kelyyz of SA Rocks and the show review by Rowan. You can also see lots of more great reviews and a wealth of information from the San Antonio Scene like this one at www.sarocks.com

Posted on SA Rocks www.sarocks.com
Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Interview: Rick
Sanford of Legs Diamond
Sitting at a Bar with Rick Sanford

4, 2005

posted by kelyyz at 11:00pm

Everyones’ been busting their bums for this gig for weeks, so I'm glad I was able to to pull it off on Monday night (Happy Birthday America!), it was roughly 7pm, and hotter than Texas asphalt. I got there and saw everyone running around in the heat, eager to get on with the show later, and it was great to see Rick again at The Bottom's Up Saloon (over off of IH35 & Starlight Terrace). Rick, who is the original vocalist of "Legs Diamond", is also quite the gentleman, kisses ladie's hands, which is always cool. Rick’s sound-check with The Killing Floor was going on outside and he was looking all around like a live-wire - the man is full of energy.When I saw Rick, he remembered this interview I'd mentioned, and said, “Ya ready?”. Yep, let’s go inside.

(Rick Sanford sound checking with The Killing Floor 7-4-05)

My legal pad with questions and answers were in my bag, and I didn't need them. We rambled a good 20 minutes, and I thank him for his time.Rick is a ham in the nicest of ways! Charismatic, witty, energetic AND a Scotsman to boot. He told me, in between my hacking couch, sweat and laughter, that yes, he can drink and play golf :) I wasn’t aware that Rick is actually a So. Caliornia boy, and has only recently relocated to San Antonio about 2 years ago.
(Legs Diamond, to me, has been so SA-focused. I guess because I’ve seen them at Las Semana Alegre when Fiesta still allowed the event.)

Rick was about 20 when he visited the popular S.I.R. studio equipment rental center near L.A., and about to post the obligatory “Vocalist Available” notice, when Michael Prince walked in. Prince was looking for a band who needed keyboards. Rick said for a moment he put his notice for the board down and looked away, shy and embarrassed, imagine that!

Instead, the two exchanges ideas and hit it off... This is basically where most of Rick’s career began and the band's line up was officially complete in 1974.With the track 'Rat Race' on a 1976 sampler album released by the Los Angeles based radio station K-West, they were soon under contract with Mercury Records.

The band's self-titled album debuted, and they went on to tour with bands like KISS, REO SPEEDWAGON, MONTROSE, STYX, MOXY, TED NUGENT, REX and ANGEL amongst others before entering into production for their second album, 'A Diamond Is A Hard Rock', later in the year.I wondered when I was talking to Rick, (while thinking of the hundreds of bands I see, many of them relatives or close friends who struggle like the devil), how did it happen for him? Did he do anything special? Breakin' on through to the other side.

The mid to late 70’s music scene was robust, and Rick was right in the middle of it, L.A., Hollywood and a huge industry surrounding him. The scene was ripe with both metal and the approaching 80's music, booking managers and VIP'S were showing up at different band rehearsals and gigs unannounced, basically scouting musicians.

Rick introduced himself to the VP of Mercury one night in L.A. and the way he did THAT was special - just grab a holster, have a band name that's named after a mobster, and a fake gun! The poor dude from Mercury was sitting at a show, checking it out, when Rick, jumped out from behind a sofa, pointed a fake pistol at the man, pulled the trigger and laughed at him. The V.P. of Mercury held his hands in the air, also laughed and said, "I'll have a contract ready to view tomorrow!"

The name comes from Jack "Legs" Diamond. Jack Diamond was a buddy, (a harmless henchman) of Al Capone’s, Rick even mentioned a movie he liked, “The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond”. “Legs” became his nickname as he was also a ballroom dancer, along with a pretty smart thief.

I also wanted to ask him if there were any ‘new’ bands he just went ape-shit over, and oh yeah, he said Nickelback and MUDVAYNE! Wooo, his teenage son and I laughed and high-fived that one! Rick’s vocal (and over all) influences include Robert Plant, he’s a huge Zeppelin fan, and Rod Stewart.His favorite song ever is "Over the Hills and Far Away", by Led Zeppelin.

Well, we wrapped it up soon. As most know, the original LA line-up of Legs Diamond did dis-band in 1987. Rick has been playing practicing and playing steadily with The Killing Floor for a couple of months now, and The Bottom's Up Saloon is his main-stay at the moment. Come check him out if you can!

(Rick Sanford performing with The Killing Floor 7-4-05)

He’s also got solo projects in the works. He couldn’t say enough about his inspirations and attributed MUCH success to San Antonio and especially Joe Anthony. A few hours later we all got a screaming, banging treat with some tunes like The Immigrant Song, Out on Bail (that was my fave), Stage Fright, Underworld King, Rok Doktor and Highway Star. When asked if he had any words of advice for musicians? "If you’re going to do this, do it all the way, or don't bother." Interview by: kelyyz

Posted on: SA Rocks www.sarocks.com
Friday: July 08,
Review By:
Title: The Killing Floor/Rick Sanford @ Bottom's Up

The Killing Floor/Rick Sanford @ Bottom's Up

You have probably read Kelyyz's great interview with Rick Sanford, former frontman of Legs Diamond. I also went and saw The Killing Floor with special guest Rick Sanford last Monday, July 4th at Bottom's Up Saloon.

I have been wanting to write a review all week, but I have been sick and my brain has been too fuzzy to write it! I'm still sick, but I'm feeling a little better, so better late than never, I at least want to say a little bit about that gig.

Oddly enough, I had never even heard of Bottom's Up Saloon, even though it's really close to my house. It's a nice little place, clean, with friendly service and a big backyard with large shade trees and picnic tables and a stage set up in the back corner. They had a barbecue going on, which unfortunately I didn't realize and ate 5 tacos (!) before I left the house, so I didn't get to try any, but it smelled great! It was really nice sitting outside with a light breeze blowing, hanging out with cool people, watching a good band and seeing the occasional fireworks going off in the sky (or under Kelyyz's feet! - I'm not even gonna explain that one!)

The Killing Floor put on a great show. All four members are excellent musicians. You've got David Garza on thumping bass, never missing a beat. Larry Rimes on percussion, with a great bongo and conga setup, also providing backing harmonies.

Then the two showmen of the group, Jack Trevino on drums and JCM on guitar and lead vocals. Trevino really knows his way around a drum kit...and I mean AROUND. When he does a drum solo, he's not just back behind his drums pounding away, he's up and all around his set, using every bit of hardware on his drums to get different sounds and effects, even standing up on the front of the drums to play.

And the centerpiece...JCM. Very good vocalist, exceptional guitarist. For someone like me, who misses the age of the guitar gods, watching him play was a real treat. The sound is blues-based rock, reminiscent of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, maybe a little more contemporary, a bit heavier. The technique is unique. What Trevino does on drums, JCM does on guitar, only more so. Not only are his fingers flying, so are his hands, as he quickly switches from underhand to overhand playing, back and forth, lightly whipping his hand down the neck of the guitar, using every bit of his guitar (and at one point the mic stand) to create unique sounds and effects. He uses a lot of pedals and is very fond of the whammy bar, but it's never overdone, never too much. And it may sound funny, but I have to say, he did the best tongue solo I've ever seen!

The other treat of the night was special guest Rick Sanford, former singer for Legs Diamond. He came out and performed most of a set with The Killing Floor, doing great Legs Diamond classics like "Out on Bail" and "Stage Fright" as well as Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song" and Deep Purple's "Highway Star" and more.

I saw Legs Diamond in concert in Corpus Christi when I was a teenager...for the life of me I can't recall who else they played with. Rick Sanford still has the same great voice and contagious energy he had back then. I really enjoyed the show and now I can say I've had my hand kissed by Rick Sanford! And I got some pics! Click on a thumbnail to see the larger image below:

Thanks, guys! It was a great show and a pleasure to finally meet you all!

Interview and reviewes from at http://www.sarocks.com/.

Taken fr: SA Rocks post dated on 6-10-05.

Here's The Killing Floor first mini review that was posted on SA Rocks on June 10, 2005. At that time was hitting every San Antonio website that would let us post or link to there page for free. I'm soo lucky and honored to have made friends with Rowan and that she likes the music and the live performances and ever since SA Rocks has helped push TKF to new heights...

Below was brief emailer template that I would use as an email. San Antonio Music Business Expo or (SAMBE) http://www.sambe.org/ and SA Rocks http://sarocks.blogspot.com/ were the first ones to reply and thanks again for the exposer... JCM

Hi, I would love to be listed in your website... Here's our web address and all the info of the band will be there... Email me if you need anything... Thanks again ,

Taken Fr: www.sarocks.com Friday, June 10, 2005

The Killing Floor

You may know them as The JCM Band, but they've changed their name to The Killing Floor. Here's why (in their words):

"I've always felt the name of the band needed to reflect the music and of course, what we do on stage. One of the problems I was always running into was the name. "What does JCM mean??? No, it's not REALLY ... Jesus Christ on Marijuana Band after all?""The Killing Floor is a blues song from way-way back when - fr: Chester Burnett(Howling Wolf), so if you know your blues, you'd know our roots ARE the blues... Jimi opened up with this song at The Monterey Pop Fest and annihilated everyone, especially The Who... Sounds kinda like The Doors too...he he. It has a contemporary sound to it and most importantly, it's what we do to ourselves on stage for the people. I've had a nose bleed, almost sliced my finger off and still went on. I have almost fallen on my ass plenty of times and I've broken soooo many strings and guitar nuts (no pun intended) ain't even funny.

"Who they are:Juan Carlos Martinez - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar:"the direction and the vision of The Killing Floor"--past bands - Azrael, Rip Tide, Terra Nova, Trip Tone Venus

Jack Trevino - Drums/Backing Vocals:"the very foundation and heart beat to The Killing Floor's sound"--past bands - Moonstone, Aquarius Mystery, Electric Gypsy--influences include Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Bonham

Larry Rimes - Percussion/Backing Vocals:"the added spice to The Killing Floor's groove"--influences include Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Santana

David Garza - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals:"the pump & thunder to The Killing Floor"--influences include Billy Sheehan, Geddy Lee and Les Claypool\

http://www.thekillingfloor.net/ Or join their Yahoo! Group: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/thekillingfloor/


(JCM on guitar)

fr: Mark Carillo

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there...

We sure hope you'll get with a couple of your closest friends, and
come out to PANCHITO's on West Avenue at Rhapsody, near Nakoma. THE
PSYCHEDELIC JUKEBOX will be there from 8pm-10pm. We'll be playing the
ROCK and the ROLL. Everything From THE KINKS to STEPPENWOLF. VAN
one hit wonders like Ride Captain Ride by BLUES IMAGE, and Brandy
(You're A Fine Girl) by LOOKING GLASS. There'll be classics from THE

Make plans to stop by, have a drink, unwind, and listen to some
Classic Rock and Oldies with THE PSYCHEDELIC JUKEBOX. Hey, you'll
still be home for The Tonight Show.


Last 2 Double Clutch Gigs

...if only for my calendar.

Sat., Nov. 19 - Rock City Bar
Fri., Nov. 25 - Headhunters (Austin)



The Killing Floor and tomorrow night...

(Continued: Strat abuse at Taco Land Jan'04)

Mark (Garbage) has been on me from the very start after he found out that The Killing Floor couldn't make it, He suggested to at least show up and show support for the bands and do a couple of tunes. He knows Tommy T (my Nov4th replacement bassplayer) and from what I gather Tommy called Mark looking for me. Mark got excited and calls me to still do the show for Friday Nov. 4th. Well then I called Tommy and he's really excited too and assures me that he can perform the nine song setlist but of course it was my call... Long story short I did talk to the Amplifyd camp and they were cool on just doing an hour set...

But here's the kicker... I will be there at Rock City around 5:00pm to do a sound check with the whole band and I will see what the feel is... I will know in ten minutes if the show will be good or not and then I will decide what to play and what to pull off. Yeah just another interesting show... I'm telling you never a dull moment... If I fall on my face at least I can laugh and talk about it but I will always get up... There's a certain romance in flirting with situations that other bands would perceive as disastrous...

(At Bottom's Up summer 2005)

David Garza my original bassplayer will be in the recording for the long awaited Killing Floor CD. He knows all the original tunes by heart and plus he's willing to help fund the project... I know we had are differences but he's been a brother to me and we just had to get away from each other for a while... I don't think he wants to gig because of his job. But at least he's still part of The Killing Floor camp...

(David Garza)

Lorenzo, new member bassit, will be join the Killing Floor camp and I will be looking forward towards the collaboration... He's sound hungry and dedicated which is always a plus.

I don't know what to make out of Tommy T yet... I'm willing to work with him but it's too early to tell right know... I'll see what happens tomorrow night... Till then... Say When...

Reckless with finesse all over the neck...

(That's me back in 1986: I'm showing off my Randy Rhoads guitar lick.)

The Shred of 1986...

Crossroads Ralph Macchio/Steve Vai, not that stupid Britney Spears movie, changed my life back in 1986... I became disciplined from then on and while everyone was learning Eruption like my other fellow guitar player friends, I was trying to figure out why Steve Vai couldn't and wouldn't play any wrong fucking notes... lol I mean Steve plays reckless, flawless and with all that finesse all over the neck and not one bad fucking note and that was just kicking my ass...lol To me it was the quest of learning how could I apply that to my playing rather than learn his solos note per note... I still do that till this day... Visualize the whole fretboard instead of seen little patterns of licks.

Here's my phases:

Rock to me meant: youthful/attitude... Classical is discipline... Blues is soulful/feel... Country is dance... and Jazz well it using all those bad notes and making them work... What would be dissonance (wrong, out of key notes) for all four styles now becomes passing tones for Jazz... Jazz is the shit IMHO... That's why Jazz is an acquired taste and to some listeners they just can't stand it and of course there are sorts of Jazz too... There's good and bad.

(Les Paul and Django Reinhardt: These shredder guitarplayers go back to the 50's and are two of the fastest guitarplayers of all time and remember there was no distortion)

I remember a while back when I could play those fast Yngwie minor scales licks but couldn't comprehend how to play Honky Tonk Woman... In my mind I was like "How the fuck did they do that" and I would try and nothing and it was embarrassing just trying...LOL I knew I could play faster than Keith Richards but I couldn't play this simple opening signature riff that was in G major pentatonic that was soo tastefully done and sounded so fucking cool... So there I go again banging my head against the wall and a new quest and I realized that Keith Richard possess a magic that's very hard to duplicate and that's why he's definitely a master of his tone.


Is it a tool chest or bag of tricks??.

(Ian Moore debut CD was an epiphany to my whole outlook in music. It was not just about playing guitar anymore after I heard this CD back in 1993).

Taken fr: The Killing Floor

Yahoo Groups Date: Thu May 26, 2005 6:41 pm Subject: My input on Guitar Wars

Darren (El Diablo) had asked me: Have you ever thought of competing, JCM?

Truthfully... Yeah when I was twelve and going into my teens...lol

All kidding aside... Guitar Wars to me feels like....

Who makes the best cake icing in town... My question is... What about the cake as a whole or the cake's bread??... There's so much more than just chops and flash... I've seen lots of acoustic guitar players that would entertain a crowd for hours and hours playing nothing but open chords with not one lick and on one night, as an encore, these two fuckers whipped out this tune called "The Dueling Banjos"... Totally fucking amazing to end a show...

(Brian May very underated guitarist... He's covered all different styles and has one of the most amazing tones ever and no one sounds like him)

My work requires to visits music stores here in SA and Austin. I've seen and heard the best solo/licks of the month and after 30 minutes you'll get the feeling that playing rhythm is not very importand and I know how that goes because when I was young I was doing the same thing... I wanted to be the fastest gun in town. But I can't stress enough how importand it is to learn rhythm playing or just other styles of music period.

I remember when it wasn't cool to play guitar solos... That was a trip... All these dumb fuckers that had no business in front cover of top rated guitar mags didn't even know how to tune there guitars... Go fucking figure...

I am not going to say showing off your chops is not fun or cool because it is... But it's never been my style to show you how much or what I can do in two minutes because chops and flash is just a couple of tools in my tool box and of course my goal is to have a cool tool chest with lots of drawers and lots of tools...lol

What happen to me as I got older and wiser was- my priorities changed to... Be coming a better composer/song writer, singer, showman ship first and then a guitarplayer. I didn't understand this until I had to front my own band. Doing my own songs and cover tunes my style trying entertaining people is by far the hardest of all for me to accomplish and keep proficient at it...

(Monstrous technique, total tone zone heaven: Robben Ford)

I've clocked with a metronome speed picking as fast as Paul Gilbert and doing legato licks a la Richie Kotzen all day. But I would bore you after 20 minutes solo and I much rather entertain you and keep you in the zone with me for two hours than a quickie 20 minutes... Unless of course if you are Eddie Van Halen...Soooo no you won't see me in a Guitar Wars competition... Unless of course I'm starving for food, water, gear or attention. But I will never say never though... I just might join the next enrollment of Guitar Wars... mmmm.. you got me thinking now Darren... JCM "Will do it for Johnny"

The Killing Floor will not be performing this Friday Nov.4th.

(Strat abuse at Taco Land early Jan'04)

The Killing Floor will not be performing at Rock City with Archer Ave and Amplifyd. Instead both bands have been asked to extend there setlist if possible... My original bassplayer is out of town and my temp bassplayer flaked out... I'm not very happy about but I will make it up on the 2nd of Dec. Now I did confirmed this date with Matt, in which sad to say, will be his last gig for TKF. Matt will be moving to Denver permently and will use the month of December to move from SA... But he will do one last show...