The beginning of the end for Double Clutch...

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Date:Sat Sep 24, 2005 4:10 am Subject:
Double Clutch... I Love It and I Hate It...

I know this is old news.. I'm just posting this for reference and venting... Double Clutch cancels two gigs because of hurricane Rita... But of course that was Matt and I doing not Spider Mike. I must have debated and argued with Spider Mike for about 4 hours as to why it's not a good idea to do these two out of town gigs. I just can't believe him sometimes and he's the biggest hard headed SOB I ever met... I too hate canceling gigs but I rather be safe than sorry and yet he would still chance it at all cost without thinking of the risks trying making the trip... It just blows my mind and again I am just venting here...I really feel for Matt (drummer) because he does all the driving for DC and has to put up with Mike's verbal abuse of "you're going to fast motherfucker, and motherfucker this and motherfucker that...Spider Mike does not drive highway because of some fucking anxiety driving condition phobia he has and yet he fucking bitches and cries like a fucking spoil brat that he is...


I'm always grateful with the people that share the same vision and I take care of them in my band. All I know that if Matt was to quit Double Clutch... DC would be without a backbone and I for sure wouldn't stick around either... I must say that Matt is one motherfucker tight power drummer I've had the pleasure of working with... It just ashamed that he's not able to expand and grow on the DC sound because of Spider Mike's lron grip he has on him. Now as far as the new song material for Double Clutch... It sound all right and workable but new material comes and it goes because Mike can't decide what he wants... Sometimes he forgets or trashes the new material because it didn't sound like this or that and so for five years 80% DC setlist still consist of the same old songs. Spider Mike wines and bitches as to why San Antonio's attendance been lacking and he feels remedy is to go elsewhere/out of San Antonio... Totally ass fucking backwards IMO... You need to make it first where you are and if things don't work out then you move... That's the way I would do it anyways... Otherwise it's very expensive and time consuming.

Mike does have his own personal touch and style that makes Double Clutch original and very unique... But I really don't know on how long I'll be sticking around... I like the experiences and I see the do's and the dont's. Playing bass has been a challenge and an experience that I'm glad I did and yes there are more goods than bads... But when it gets bad it really gets bad and that is what takes a toll on the band.
Mike and I have a mutual respect for each other and I do enjoy and follow his vision because it's a style of witting that I wouldn't do or come up with and I don't mean that in a bad way... There are somestuff that Mike does that I do scratch my head and say to myself... How the fuck did he do that... But again I'm just venting here and expressing myself, which I feel is healthy to do... JCM

(Written: September 24, 2005)


...And The Vampires Made Love. The whole scoop...

I get ask alot the 5th track on the Labor Of Love CD
"...And The Vampires Made Love."

This instrumental was written on Halloween of 2003 and done in two takes... One shot take on the left channel: Takamine acoustic nylon classical acoustic guitar. One shot take on the right channel: electric Fernandes Strat style guitar track... I recorded the acoustic guitar first until the cassette tape ran out and that was for about 11 minutes. Then I just improvised on the spot and one take all over the place with the electric guitar using the same method of time.

The Feel:
I tried to invision two vampires male and female making love and I tried not to over play too much with flash because I felt it would take away... Instead I was searching for a feel, an emotion with a coldness without any heat and with darkness and evil.

The Vision:
Candles, satin sheets, moon light shining in through French doors. Blood all over the place with bodies laying there lifeless with blood dripping into wine glasses and the two lover vampires would drink and look into each other eyes ever soo madly in love for eternity... And the Vampire Made Love through the night on a ever soo foggy and cold October night.

The Reason:
Done and created and improvised on a 4-track cassette Tascam recorder.... (remembers those units...lol) I needed Halloween background music because I was dressed up as a vampire and passing out candy that Halloween year of 2003... One day I might released the whole 11 minute version...

I've done the song twice live and it a very hard song to recreate... It was just magical that day it was recorded and I''m glad it's was captured on tape....

Go to MySpace to download and hear it... Here's the link and I hope it works...



The Quest For Tone... How hard can it be??

(The quest is much bigger than you think)

When we first learn to play guitar all we want to do is get the dexterity, technique and learn songs... We figured any distortionand an amp with a good clean sound would do and it always does...Power chords to "Rock you like a Hurricane" and fingerpicking "Holiday" of the Scorpions was the shit with me big time...Of course this is still the learning period.... and then... I wanted to fast pick like Paul Gilbert and Yngwie and just could not get that machine gun or the stick poking through fast moving bikespokes effect.... and I tried and tired and nothing... Everything sound like crap and I started to think it was me... Then I came to find about distortion pedal, overdrive pedal, boosters, and fuzz... never mind mentioning what brand... soo then I read my fav guitarplayers setup and there I went to purchase as close and what could I afford... YEAH I finale got that sound of fast picking muffling effect... so there i am speed picking legato licks all day.... yeah still learning... Well the crunch rhythm like George Lynch, Warren De Martni and Nuno Bettencourt sounded awesome... and guess what... I couldn't that sound... Well fuck... What the fuck... Power crunch chords, Come on man, you gotta have that too... sooo there I go again... but now I'm trying to fit the machine gun speed picking sound and rhythm crunch together... sooooI purchased a Digitech all in one pedal board with my fav guitarist presents and sound... Yep heaven now all my prayers answered.... Well??? Not really....Of course by the time of having this Nirvana, Peal Jam, Sound and AIC placed a damper on things... Now my sound was very dated and now I'm stuck with all this gear and schooling that is not hip anymore.... We I guess I'm screwed again....Well the road I took was... To learn the instrument as much as I could and not to let trends and media take hold of you... Eventually your mindset of what your tone/sound is will meet with you as you progress through your instrument... But it is a long long process and the more you put in your instrument the more you'll get out...There are lots of factors of what you signature tone is... I'll make it simple and painless...1.Guitar: Wood: neck/body, pickup brand. style of pickups and string gauge. 2.Chords or cable 3.Pedal: Brand, in what chain order to place them, how many pedals (the more the worse you are off due to hiss. 4.Amp: What kind of tubes, what brand of tubes, what kind of setup does you amp have. Marshall has the best distortion but not very good clean. Fender has the best clean but not very good distortion. How many channels does you amp have. 5.cabnets: what brand of speaker. how many speaker, and how big are the speakers...and that is just scratching the surface... ALL AMP BRANDS SOUND DIFFERENT AND THE SAME BRAND AND MODEL WILL NOT SOUND THE SAME EITHER AND THAT GOES THE SAME WITH GUITARS.... This really complicates things.... JEEEZZZ makes me wanna be a keyboard player and just have program presets sounds of instruments and all I would have to do is EQ the sound through the keyboard to my liking.... NO pun intended to keyboard players either... But it's not easy been a seasoned guitar player either... Sooooo yes it's not easy searching for your TONE/SOUND/TECHNIQUE/TIMBRE/CHARCTERISTCIS can be a life time search for some of us guitarplayers.... JCM

Your Guitar Tone... What makes it??

(SRV on of my top five best guitarist that ever lived)

Gear is 50% of yoursound/ tone/timbre... If I played through a Marshall with humbuckers, Floyd Rose bridge, 09-42 gauge strings, boss pedals... I would not sound anything like what you would describe as my tone...I would sound different. I went through sooo many amps, pedals, guitars, pickups, string gauge and even as to what kind of speakers and it makes a big big world of difference... But it takes time and an idea on what kind of tone, sound and timbre your are search for and have in your head....That can be soo complicated and it take years to search...

EVH would sound so different if he plug his dis-pedal going through a Crate transistor amp... Yes Eddie would sound like Eddie but he would have limitations of what he use too and his mindset of his ideal tone... Pinch harmonics would not come out as clear, the growl would be different, the thump and the snap would resonate different, and also the warmth would be different of what he would be used to using...

I've had this similar discussion with my boss from Yamaha... He's a keyboard player and he thinks the presets of what a distortion guitar sounds on his keyboard is the same as all... Which is not true...

Dime Bag, Steve Vai, Ty Tabor, EHV and many others... Do have there own signature tone through there fingers but if you listen to there distortion/clean/timbre/sounds/characteristics there worlds apart different... JCM

JCM on Bass w/Double Clutch second stage @ Judas Priest & Queensryche Concert in SA. (Pt.II)

(That's me jamming away at the Verizon... Thanks to Brian Driscoll for taking that shot)

(Matt, JP personal bus driver and Spider Mike... I wish I was in the photo but who would then take the picture.)

( Double Clutch doing a sound check... My digi-camera is not very good as the pics came out dark)

(Andrew... He's helps set up lots of big name concerts is San Antonio to Houston... Very cool guy to hang out with.... Lots of stories and very funny ones too...)

(Setting up the gear... You can barely see Matt. He kinda blends in with my amps behind him)

(The pic was taken around 3:00pm or so... It's a nice small B-stage setup.)

What the heck...

The first hour and 45 minutes of the show went well... Some people didn't know what to make of DC and some enjoyed the groove and Spider Mike's comments and some just didn't care... I saw lot off a miliar faces one been Brian, a real good friend of mine, was nice enough to take my camera and take pictures... Which I will post here only...

The Ladies...

After the break and show we did run into a couple ladies that let us know they were strippers, and invited us with passes to some new location that had just opened somewhere in Selma or SA 1604 and IH35 I guess that is Selma... I was flattered shook there hands and I ask how they liked the show... Very kick ass was there response... Their manager guy/man/dude that accompanying them was really pushing this new place and was very polite in inviting... There enough of the PR/mingling off I went to get some thing to eat...Matt and Mike beat me been there already and only had an hour or so to take advantage of the free chicken fried steak with the awesome sides... as Spider Mike would say.... yyyeee hhhaawww!!!Sitting there...Queensyche did kick some ass... I saw some of the show through a TV monitor that was broadcasting it there as we were there... Geoff Tate gained some weight but man he can sing... His voice as strong, and vibrant as ever... I recognized all four original members except Chris DeGarmo. His replacement looked like he came out of a Madmax movie... Very different but he hit all the notes just like Chris would... Soo hats off to that guitarist... Which I don't know his name... enough for now...more to come.... JCM

JCM on Bass w/Double Clutch second stage @ Judas Priest & Queensryche Concert in SA. (Pt.I)

(Top Pic is a stage view from 2nd stage and that's my truck on the left hand side at the Verizon in San Antonio.)

(Bottom Pic are passes: lunch meal, parking and limite access pass.)

Here's was the line up at the Verizon June 25, 2005...Judas Priest, Queesyrche and second stage: Double Clutch. I gotta handed to Spider Mike's persistence and diligent forus being in this mega line up bill and I also want to thank Nightrocker for the consideration... Not many people can say I opened up for Queensryche and Judas Priest...We were treated very well from the time we got there... I thought more bands would be playing the B-stage, but nope, only us... Wer eceived limited access passes and meal tickets to there VIP access only building. The meal: Chicken fried steak, mash potatoesw/greenbeans was a delicacy when you haven't eaten all day and just finished doing a grueling 1:45minute set... DC only has a 30minuteset so we had to recycle the songs over and over... What was funny on the first 25min, our only song setlist sheet flyers away and Mike is a total mess and starts to freakout... He starts to entertain the crowd as best he can and there I go looking for the fucking setlist - Fucking hallious... Well I come back empty handed and as you know The Show Must Go On... Spider Mike did very well shooting out songs and still making it happen for the next hour or so during this hot Texas heat. Poor Matt our drummer was transforming into a lighter shade of reddish -pink as was I too taking a toll all except Mike... That fucker didn't even tan...lol We started at around 5:30 stopped at 7:30 with a 15 minute break in between. Queensryche hit the stage alittle after 7:30... So we were basically entertainment for the people as they would walk in and wait for the concert to start and what turn out to be a sound check just rolled into a live DC performance.I met Andrew the setup guy there for stage B... Wonderful person with lots of funny and interesting stories of all these mega-concerts he'd help setup... He really made us feel right at home and attended to us in every need... He even supplied some picks forme... I had a brand new Fender Heavy transparent celluloid guitarpick (the pink one picture posted here)and the first half piecebroke off in about hour and fifteen minutes later the other half...I couldn't believe it... Thanks to Andrew again for suppling me with heavy tortex guitar picks... That is really what I used anyway's and I was fine through the remainder of the night... Andrew was the hero of the day...more later... JCM

One Night In Austin after a Yamaha Clinic and a Yamaha AES 620SH.

Just a quick review on a (Yamaha AES-620SH- Sammy Hagar Signature Model)

Definitely one of the best guitars on the market today period. Seymour Duncan pickup @ the bridge and a Yamaha pickup at the neck... Mahogany wood body, Quilted Maple top, rosewood freatboard... IMOH it beats - hands down any Epiphone Les Pauls and will go head to head against a Gibson Les Paul Standard... I've never played a Les Paul Custom... So I won't go there.... JCM

The JCM Experience Yahoo Groups Date: Sat May 21, 2005 12:27 pm Subject: Lost In Austin...

Clinic went great... Darren when the clinic hits SA... You needs tago... Pending dates soon... I did tried out The new Fender Cybertwin II... Awesome Fucking amp... Expensive too ($1,299)... Fender Squies have a couple of interesting guitars that came out... A strat with two hum-PAF style pickups and a satin reddish natural wood satin finish... Very cool...

As you might know Yamaha bought Steinberg and I very impress with there software... I met Craig the guy that mixed The DVD Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival... Very cool dude indeed...That night we all met and ate at the Hide Park (or Place) very nice after hours ritzie little place located somewhere on 45th st. Well when it was time to go I already knew I was low on fuel.. Assuming that Austin never really sleeps finding a gas station was not going to be a prob... I didn't worry... WRONG!! I took a wrong turn and ended up on some residential part of Austin with nothing but houses and steep circling hills... All of a sudden not one major fucking streets, no main road lights, or highways to be seen... I felt that I was going in circles and nowhere and I probably did for 20-30mins... Man, I was praying my ass of not to be stranded there... That would have royally sucked... Well long story short I ran into 38th street, which is a main st., and still not one open fucking gas station to be seen... I was thinking of spending the night and parking my ass at one of them and then gas up in the morning as soon as they opened that way I don't get stuck somewhere or worse yet end up getting lost again...

Well, luckily I ran into some old timers hanging out at a Starbucks, jeezz Starbucks and open late too why doesn't that fucking surprised me, anyway they leaded me to a 24/7 7-Eleven that was about a mile near by... Of course I got pissed off again becauseI was passing by two or three closed gas stations on my way to an opened one a mile way...Thank God I made it there.. I gassed up and proceeded on home... Oh yeah... Starbucks, clubs and bars fucking everywhere that were still open at very late morning hours... But not a one fucking gas station opened out of the 10-15 that passed by... Fucking Austin man... Gotta love there night life... JCM

What guitar scales mimic speech??

fr: The Killing Floor Yahoo Groups 10-13-05

IMHO There's actually no scale involved to try or mimic a human voice... When we speak a conversation we don't sing to try to be musical or in harmony, well at least not most of us, we just speak. If you where to record and analyze human speech or yours for that matter. You'll hear when you speak that there are not many notes and range to be musical... Every one's speech does have note value... Some of us have a deep low voice notes and some high a screechy notes and most of us are in between... Here's different ways of doing it... I'm sure there's lots more but I'll keep it simple...

1st. DO NOT think of scales, keys or patterns... Just follow the note(s) speech of your conversation with your instrument... It can be tricky because your mind will try and make your conversation musical. I would have someone record me for about a minute, while not aware is a plus, and then find the notes... Each syllables (did I spell that right?) and words will have a note value.

2nd Express voice sounds through playing your guitar. People will read your mute lip sync words and know what you are saying while your guitar, at full blaze volume, is filling in the sounds of what would be coming out of your mouth.
This is a fav of mine...

3rd. Sing in unison to match your guitar solo as one... For the more advance: Harmonize the notes played on your guitar... Now this one you are thinking of keys, scales, patterns, timing, Well I do anyways. I've sung and match my solos and again very tricky. You have to anticipate the note(s) and timing like second nature to pull this off... If you second guess yourself... You will be out of key on either or... This cannot be done too fast or it'll sound bad...

That's my analogy... Hopefully it wasn't too confusing...

How The Killing Floor name happen at Dallas 1am.

Taken from The Killing Floor Yahoo Groups
in March 29, 2005

TheKilling Floor...

I was at a hotel somewhere between Dallas and San Antonio from a gig and I woke up and I shout it "The Killing Floor"and I still liked the way it sounded in the morning... So it's offical!!....lol

The way in came to me?? Maybe too much info...

I was taking a piss at Double Wide club's restroom in Dallas... And whola it hit me... The Killing Floor!! Well will see what it soundslike in the morning and yes I still Love the vibe and feel the nextday. So that's is it!! Yeah!... JCM (March 29, 2005)

What I was checking out was all the stickers all over the walls with different band names and one band name caught my eye... But it was not there name but there font. What came to mind was... If a name like The Killing Floor would look awesome there on the sticker instaed of that shitty death metal band name: Carcus of Death or something similar and that's really how it happen... Thanks to all of my friends and family for putting up with me for 2-3 months of enduring pain and entertaining all these stupid names I was coming up with during that time...lol

Get your shit together...

An artist that really has there shit together... just present an idea to the band and the rest of the band just takes from there... Of course you don't have to have music theory under your belt just drive and passion. I've been fortunate that my players just create something right there and then with an inspiration. Creation then happens and then a song starts to take shape... That is magic that few bands experience or miss the point... But of course that's IMHO... There is no wrong or right method in the arts because art surrounds itself with human opinions you either like it or you don't... For me if my music takes you somewhere then that's the most rewarding thing for me even more so than money... You win the lottery when you get millions to see and share your vision.

Cover tunes are not all that bad...

(If you look closely you'll see the dry blood that ran through my left hand)

Cover tunes are good and easy way to get inspired with new ideas and it breaks you into venturing. It gets you out of the safe home box patterens that we do all the time... When I had to learn 35+ oldies songs for the Psychedelic Jukebox. Certain chord structures and chord progressions that I would never come up on my own would stick with me subconsciously. On one occasion an inspiration from nowhere of this one chord that I play on "Listen To The Music" would appeared on one of my own songs. (C#min7th) Yes It did put a smile in face because I know where it came from... "Show me a sign that my Love is not in vain"...

The No Such Thing As A Perfect World...

I went through my fair share of lead singers. I just got tired of trying to explain or make' em envision what music is or what was in my head... After a year and half I found myself that my lead singer couldn't go any further because she couldn't comprehend what... Finesse, improvise, envisions, passion, and authority of ones artistic ability is... What really broke the straw for me was the ugly music business interactions that was not very professional to say the least. Whoring oneself to stay booked or to be appreciate didn't fly very well... The last two female singers that I work with, trust me this is not sexist thing because I've worked for lazy males motherf**kers too, was all about a fantasy or a portrait of something they will never be... My theory is: If you can dream it you can become it... But it takes work, and not just hard work... You have to eat it, shit it, sleep with it, get angry with it -- It just takes everything you have... I'm talking about a focus and a vision that will stop at nothing to achieve it... nothing... This goes for everything in life... Now - I'm not coming down on singers male or female. I just expressing my experiences and trust me I'm not one to judge. Everyone's different in mindset and in habits and that's the beauty in life... Trial and error for there's no such thing as a perfect world. JCM

Psychedelic Jukebox Gig


Date: Friday, Nov. 11
Time: 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
PANCHITO'S West Ave. at Rhapsody

Last outdoor gig at Panchitos for the season, awesome restaurant, great oldies (JCM on guitar), mean margaritas and excellent food! Always a blast with those guys.


Ah yeah!

-An artist has to have passion and believe on what he or she does
artistically and if they love what they do... They are in essence
already successful... Everything else is just timing, luck and
perseverance... - JCM



This Friday, Oct. 21, 10:30pm 'til Closing, NO cover, at Hemmingway's Tavern, 8931 Wurzbach


Jammin at Rock City

Here's the link from SA Rocks, with Rowan's review and photos (blogger isn't cooperating, so click the link to see it all).

Enjoy, many thanks to everyone including ESE, Double Clutch, Vato Locos, Deon and Warren from Amplifyd.