Where is the real news??? The little blue thingie!!

 Saw this on The ED Show FB via twitter. "What does she see when she's wearing these?" (Luke Russert via Twitter)

Really this is news!!!!
Well everyone is commenting on her craziness and old stupid shit news. Meanwhile this is going on!
This is disturbing when a company has this much power & influence. Educate your friends...share! Knowledge is power...the first step toward action.

    I went ahead and commented (what you see below) with hopes, through the expense of the blue little thingie on Michelle Bachman head would direct traffic where it really needs to be.

"Monsanto placed it there to distract you from Vermont. Its a suppository for pigs but they went ahead and told her place near her eye ball. Monsanto executive are placing bets on how long before it melts due to the hot air coming out of her mouth." 

Early Killing Floor stuff


Not a picture of my Volvo 740, but will look similar.

alright, Volvo is fixed as i lay and passed out of exhaustion... Friends offer to take me but my impatiences ruled over me and Via was the means of transportation. I havent ride the bus since the 80's, so you can guess how stupified my face was looking at everything inside and how different everything is from 30 years ago...lol Well lack of sleep, working out and go ahead an add 4 miles unexpected walk... I am beat beyond being recognized, road kill, hamburger meant...lol Yeah, delirious too:)
Numero dos The Killing Floor promo...

2008 TKF promo picture

Broken Ronnie (Poem)

Broken Ronnie    Poem ~Juan Carlos

Before a gentle me
Now hidden by my defeats
A sad clown with a mask of joy
But inside, a broken soul

Faith has tracked my destiny
I'm a sad clown that hides beneath
My failures greet you with a smile
Laughter and joy for a while

As i think...

Bad decisions,  I've crossed them all
But one broke me, I hit a wall
Since then I lost this game call life
The irony is what I pretend outside

I'm weeping to see the light
And you'll never see my nights

Hear my laughter see my smile 
Its supports my mask for many miles
A wounded heart still bleeds inside
Don't ask how I survive               

~juan carlos

All For You... (Lyrics)

A song written and composed 4 years ago. A true love song and totally not my style. But it has a special place in my heart. ~Juan Carlos

                                 All for You      Lyrics & Music ~Juan Carlos

Trying To Hold On
You’ve Cried a Thousand Tears

If Tomorrow, Your Heart Is Lost
Rejoice The Best of Times

I’ll Keep You Warm
You Won’t Feel Alone
There With You

Do You Feel The Love
You're Not Alone
All For You

Tell Me Who You Are
The Sea Conspires Fear

Surrender How Tender
The Carnival of Your Lust

I’ll Keep You Warm
You Won’t Feel Alone
There With You

Do You Feel The Love
Its From My Heart
All For You

(Repeat Chorus)


Feeling Believing
Your Love Was Never Lost

Remember To Tell Her
Protect The Child Inside

(Repeat chorus x2)
Im back to fire up this blog again...:)