Last night things were more intense. June 6, 2008 By: Aries

From: Gonzales, Texas (2-23-08)

Last night things were more intense. The guys really focused on specific areas. With the CD pre-released and orders coming in for it they want to make sure fans get a show they won't soon forget so everyone is working on perfecting their performances. There was a memorable moment when Miggs almost destroyed equipment (and could have broken some bones) with his energetic jumping around! Jack made us feel like we were in a garden with his wind chimes which both intrigued and irritated at times but leave it to Jack to come up with using them for a little extra umph to his sound. I love the guy! Carlos sounded extra clean after some tweaks to his gear, Bam Bam did his thing and shook his maracas (juvenile but -that comment made me giggle) and then there's Darren.... ahhhh Darren. The musical genius that doesn't show his true talents often enough. He had the most work to do tonight. Everyone had more than usual ups and downs during this practice but it's all for the sake of the music and their fans.

Miggs had some band tags made and they look GREAT!!! A limited amount of copies will be made available for purchase by fans. What a great way to show your support! Wear them to the shows so the guys know who their fans are! Details to come soon!