The Mystery, The Lyrics and The Pencil

(One of Sid Barrett's Creations)

l sometimes I express anger through music and write Lyrics of doing unheard of acts which may be question would I do and really that's the whole beauty IS the Mystery...

But in the end the whole HIGH of it all - IS - the music taken you somewhere or making you think in a positive or even negative way. Making your point across is still way better than not being heard at all or worse yet is to be ignored...

I've had my fair share of drama and that's when I go straight for that note book, Pencil and write all these hateful things of what I would do just like if - I was to be happy or in love. But its more of a release through a Pencil and paper than an actual act. Writing and music anger managements my ass...LOL

One of my songs "Its Not Me" you would think I'd be a dark, gloomy and suicidal person, and yes it was about a very bad experience in my life. But you see that song is really about new life and the rebirth of one's own self worth.

So with that being said... What ever the music takes you is a personal gift to you and will outcome differently to someone else.
The Mystery on what the artist was thinking on his writings can sometimes be better left unknown because it takes away from personal mental visual, picture, place or meaning as to what you thought it meant...

The Mystery will always arise... Was it an e
xperience, fantasy, dream, mindless chatter, ect... or just alter ego? Who knows? Those are just a few places to choose from and to escape.

Ask before he or she dies... ~JCM