Your dime is now my pick

I wrote a whole topic story on this just to have the stupid thing erase and log off just when I press post. The whole thing went fucking blank... Oh well... I'll make this brief now because Im fucking hacked and tired...

I started using a dime for a pick for two months now... I can't stress how beautifully and unique the timbre rings from my electric guitar comparing to a plastic tortext Dunlop.

It will kill your strings five times faster by waring down the windings on your E, A and D to the bare wire and not to mention, it does take time to get used to because there's no flex.

I graze to almost just scratch the string when I attack and place the
edge deeper when I need more definition.

I did try to play my dime pick on an acoustic guitar, but I would pick so hard that I would hit the wood.

So all in all plastic pick for acoustic and dime pick for electric... who knows I just might alternate between the two...

Ahh yes the quest for tone here we go again... ~Juan Carlos

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