For some reason picture can't be made bigger... Anyways these guys from the band Mind Frame got there gear stolen and they are very good friends of mine. So keep your eyes open San Antonio and surrounding areas!!! ~Juan Carlos

Hello friends.

Last night I had the misfortune of getting robbed @ the W. Commerce Taco Cabana near Gen McMullen. We were told that the thieves were driving an orange pickup truck. I'm hoping that one some musician in the San Antonio area would come across my stolen items and please let me know.

They stoled both my black Fender Bassman Cabinets 4x10 (serial #21-1671-010) & 1x15 (serial #21-1670-010). One cab had 4 10"speakers and the other had a 15" speaker. Both cabs had the signature Fender logo on the top left corner of the speaker grill. Both cabs show signs of wear on the front left and right sides of the wooden cab from scraping of loading it in and out of my truck bed.

Also stolen was my Red 1986 American Fender Jazz Precision bass guitar. The bass guitar has embedded strap locks within the body so you would need dunlop strap locks to use a strap. The bass was stolen in it's Fender case which contained a black fender strap with the dunlop strap locks needed. The Fender case is warped from water damage. The thieves will probably try to keep these items together when trying to sell them.

If anybody comes across these items, I ask that you please let me know by contacting me on here or @ (210)310-7906.

Here are the best pics I have of my Fender Bass & Cabs. I have also put a stock photo of Fender cabinets. Thank you all for your help. It is appreciated. -andy

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