Ah yes my Double Clutch days playing bass!!

This has to be back in early-mid 2005... I played bass for one year and almost to the day and looking back it was one of the most exciting and humbling experience in my life as a musician. My duty as a bassplayer well... Not that easy to be in the pocket and keeping a steady groove with telephone cable wires as strings...lol

I would never have played bass for anybody but this project was special. I love the honest and brutality that Double Clutch was. Spider Mike was relentless and brutal when it came to his music. He was no shredder or a trained singer but my God he had a stake to the heart attitude and a I don't give a shit aura that shove Double Clutch music down your throat.

I did write about the good, the bad and the ugly about Double Clutch back in 2005 here while I was in the band... So if you are interested in the reading by all means...

My rig at that time was:

1. Carlo Robelli 12-string bass that was a bitch to play after 15minutes and thank you Mr. Warren Hammons for the sale...
2. Ibanez ATK 4-string bass
3. Peavey Classic with 4x10 speakers (Spider Mike's Amp and not mine)
4. George Lynch signature 2x12 extension cab. I don't remember the brand- Genz Benz maybe?

My mind set for the Double Clutch sound; Lemmy Kilmister of MotorHead. Distorted heavy bass sound and what a great marriage in tone when I used the 12-string bass... Almost sounded like a rhythm guitar and bass going and playing together...

In these videos recorded at Sam's Burger Joint. I was in the band for about four months and this was maybe my 3rd - 4th gig with Double Clutch. There might be a second show that was recorded during the Ram of Tacoland benefit show at Sam's Burger Joint. We had more mileage and I played with much more conviction.

Thank you to The Music Life and here's their Myspace link for more great San Antonio bands and their videos.


Double Clutch

Double Clutch - Speed Queen

Double Clutch

Double Clutch - Pickin' And Sinnin'

Double Clutch

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jase said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE I FOUND THIS!! An old band of mine played with Double Clutch in '04 at Sin13 in San Antonio - I bought a disc but lost it somewhere along the line...if you could point me in the right direction to getting another one that would rule - spider mike is the SHIT! lemme know; earthheavy@hotmail.com