The Rimes Brothers!

Jack Trevino & Larry Rimes at The GOC, Spring Branch , Tx: Sept. 27, 2008

Tom Rimes on Sax

I'm in debt with gratitude to the Rimes brothers, Larry and Tom, more later on why...

But first, on a post here back in early 2008 "Talk is Cheap", I had express anger towards Larry on how he departed from The Killing Floor. Yes, I was pissed, hurt and confused and just needed time to vent and make sense as to why...

I started to capitalize more of the good times playing together and Larry had always wanted to have more vocal duties than just being a backup singer. So I did understand and realized his departure. It was now his time for growth and blossoming to front projects and make his dreams happen on his terms. So his bold move to move-on was not in-vain. Two-three weeks later after I wrote "Talk is Cheap" I called Larry and gave him my blessings and we talked and let everything out of the bag and we both knew too well that friendship and forgiveness is divine.

Im so proud of him and Tom for keeping that spark of making music alive. Both started a small low volume, low key, jazz project playing Starbucks with just congas & sax with singing to a full-blown jazz band and gigging everywhere. The latest, I've heard is Larry and Tom have now started a classic rock/blues band call NATIVE SOUL and make no mistake to assume that we are not going to play together because we ARE!!!...haha...

To Larry and Tom, much love my brothers... Keep fueling the fire of your dreams... ~Juan Carlos

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