Me with THE PSYCHEDELIC JUKEBOX New Years 2004!!

I remember having to learn about 30 songs in twenty days and then I was to perform in front of 5000 people, kicking into the new year of 2004, big parting in town down San Antonio right under the Hemisfair tower. It was very exciting and what a treat to play with high-caliber musicians and for the only thing I had to worry was intros and my playing...lol Easier said than done.

This was my first and last gig that I had ever perform using Line 6 Flextone II amp instead of my Peavey Classic amps. I was using the "Ranchero Special Edition" Which is basically a single 12" speaker Flextone II amp with a fancy Texas paisley style leather skin cover. What a mistake it was for me that night. As soon a s cranked the amp, the traditional transistor brittle sound came into life- lifeless without any warmth...
I sold the amp on eBay two weeks later after this performance...

I want to thank the band The Psychedelic Jukebox for the great memories with much love and respect to my dear comrades!!

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