Gonzales Thunder Rally, October 10th 2008.

(L to R: Jango, ~Juan Carlos, Jack and Larry Oct 10th 2008, Gonzales Tx, Pic: Joel Ryan)

Gonzales Thunder Rally to us, was a awesome experience... We played at the pavilion at around 2pm to 3pm. We were then asked to play the main stage at 7:00pm with Axe and Great White to close the night. We had a blast and I know things didn't pan out as expected during those three days. But we left with such wonderful experience and memories.

What I didn't like:
It was just amazing how this particular band acted so pre-Madonna when the event didn't proceed as expected and yet, they claim to have such high caliber status. I witness maybe two people cheer them on and yes I mean their girl friends... I would have been impress if they would have guarantee at least fifty people at any given time and place. That would have been impressive and something to brag about.

It can be such a cut-throat business this music biz thing... I felt helpless to a friend that I so much respect and admire. But we are musical warriors and all we can do is get up and brush off the dirt and proceed on with the fight the good fight. God bless you Ben (Electric Ocean), we love you man!! ~Juan Carlos

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