David Garza back on bass!

(David Garza on Bass 02-21-09: pic: Joel Ryan)

I never saw this one coming in 2009! Haha... Great to have David Garza back on bass for The KIlling Floor... It feels like he had never left the band. But before we played a single note, we worked out our differences and talk about all the bullshit he and I hated about each other and why things happen they way they did back in July 2005. I've gone through a few bassplayers and no-one could really match David's playing' note-per-note. So you know it was a real teat to hear the songs sound just like the "La Danza Macabra" CD. Not to take away anyting from Miggs and Jango as bassplayers, they both pulled me out of a real bad bind at two different times and both perform with a fearless heart. ~Juan Carlos

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