Broadway 50/50: Review by: Aries

Broadway 50/50:

There's no better place than Broadway 50/50 to spot SA celebrities, enjoy great food & music and no matter how many strangers are there - it feels like family.

The announcement was made that advance copies of their latest CD "La Danza Macabra" were available pre-release. That said the band proceeeded to rock the house playing songs from their CD, relaxed jam sessions and an unexpected cover or two. The guys put their hearts and souls into their performances and you could feel it! There were some magical moments where the guys went into unplanned jams. The flow was spiritual! In the crowd you'd see feet tapping, head shaking, singing along and shouts of how great the band is. Bam Bam rocked the night on the bongos/congas, the unstoppable beats coming from Miggs as he danced around onstage, wildman Jack almost busting out of his own skin and Darren's smooth keys took equal spotlight alongside the JCMs exciting guitar work and you couldn't help but watch each one of them in action!!! The night came to a close and I can only imagine what the TKF must have felt...... To look out, adrenaline pumping, exhausted from giving it all they had and see people yelling for them to keep going, shouts of "you f*ckin rock", "yeah baby that kicked ass", "you guys are the sh*t" and "take me home with you", to see the smiles, the hands up in the air, even a couple lighters held up - You couldn't ask for a better ending!

Special thanks to friends: Larry, the bands previous percussionist, who came out in support and even sang a few songs for old times sake! Mindframe and Mark from Rock City thanks for coming out. To the fans that were there, THANK YOU! To the ones that couldn't make it - you missed out on an amazing show at a venue where legends have graced the stage. All I can say is: you sadly missed it.....maybe next time....

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