The Killing Floor @ Patriot Guard Rally 4-26-08: By: Aries

Patriot Guard Rally:

Things got off to a slow start. Electric Ocean and SuperCrash were unable to play. TKF and Mindframe would be playing. The guys were barely warming up through a few songs when they had to stop for a raffle and a live auction. Darren was a little too animate with his hand waving and was mistaken for a bidder - the amount $120.00! Luckily someone bid higher! After a LOOOONG while the guys started up again. Everyone was a showman! Darren danced behind his keys, Bam Bam played like a man possessed, Jack went wild - even playing behind his back, Miggs laid down the law with his bass and JCM melted the place with his string heat! The crowd didn't want them to stop! I was walking around and people kept commenting on how great the band was. Mindframe had arrived but it was late so they decided to stay and watch TKF play. I have to say MindFrame showed what being true musicians and being professional is all about. They supported TKF - no jealousy, no egos.. no hating whatsoever. I wish more bands were like them! At the end of the night most of the older Vets had retired but the ones that were still hanging in there continued to have nothing but good things to say and were cheering until the very end.

It was an honor to be in the presence of so many brave men. Men who put down their very lives for us to have the freedom we do now.

Thank you to Koyote Ranch for hosting the event. The place is something else - Cabins high up on the mountains, crystal clear water, tent camping, rustic camping, party room, bike-friendly, rv ready...the place truly is worth the long drive for! Check out their site at: www.koyoteranch.com


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