A night w/The Killing Floor: May 22, 2008 By: Aries

Last night's practice was something else! Voodoo Mojo Man aka Jack jumped on the electronic kit, Bam Bam had his Taye set up along with his Congas, Darren on his keyboard and JCM brought out his acoustic guitar. Mr. Miggs was missed but we all understand his government spy job keeps him busy and traveling. ;-o The night started off playing around with new song endings but turned into something unexpected! There was Reggae number that emerged from the jamming then that turned to irresistible Latin grooves. Jack got back on his kit and he and Bam Bam went all out! The two compliment each other well - no egos or jealousy for these two - they fed off each other's energy and it was incredible! Darren made my jaw drop when he threw out some CUMBIA rhythms! I think that guy has some Latin in him!!! The sounds were so hot Pat couldn't resist shaking her cadera (and a couple other parts)! Jack was temporarily distracted and couldn't keep his eyes off her but eventually Pat quit torturing him and sat back down. A few shakes of the head to clear his mind and Jack was back at practice with the rest of the guys. JCM surprised me. I know he's talented but last night he laid out some Spanish, Latin, Jazz, Reggae and even Classical sounds. I was speechless! This is truly a multi talented group of musicians. I don't think there's anything they can't do!

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