The end of final mix...

The actual pre-master on DVD that was not able to fit a CD.

About 10:30am, June 1, 2007. when Miguel and I met with Peter Carey and did some last finishing touches on the new Killing Floor CD. It was very refreshing and interesting to hear a project that's about a 15 months old and yet it still has that magical sound that didn't sound dated, old and worn out. I was very careful not to change too much. It very tempting to change this track and re-over do this and over- dub that and loose that magic of the original.

It was a bit complicated to re-open old files with its plug-ins that were recored with each songs and not to mention each individuals tracks. Had we wait more time we might have lost the ability to do the changes that we did. Technology always moving forward and that sometimes can present a challenge.

Jack joint us around 12:00 and I was pacing like a father expecting his new born and this of course, was very humoring for Miguel and Jack... Yeah It was kinda funny I guese...

Listening to each track song and after a year, does come with its advantages. I knew what need to be raised up and down in volume and with that reconfirmation smile of my brothers, we struck gold. In the end the whole session took about four hours and we walk out of Rhythm Room Studios with two identical Pre-Master Discs in hand... One for Miguel and for me.
The next step is to take to the mastering specialists at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin, Texas. Their waiting list is about three to five weeks. I'll find out Monday and book the earlies available date. Till then here some of the slight changes we did.

1. Live: one backing vocal track was brought slightly from the mix.
2. What I Dream To Do:
one backing vocal was brought slightly from the mix.

3. Savvy:
A slight extended original feedback solo in mid section, backing vocals were brought up a bit, and last ending solo was brought down a bit.

4. Day By Day:
No changes were done.

5. Mary Jayne:
One backing track harmony vocal was brought up a bit from the mix.

6. Devils' Alley:
No Changes...

7. It's Not Me:
Sitars were brought up in volume a bit and there's a piano line added to the verses only.

8. There's a Hole In My Heart:
Different rhythm track backing the first solo.
9. Streets: Rhythm guitars were brought back a bit.
10. Manic Depression: No Changes
11. Earth Blues:
No Changes


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