An interview with Ian Moore... Class in session!

Huge influence on me... Kinda like Dylan was to Hendrix.

Ian Moore's music and performance is always honest and pure. Buy any of his CDs or best yet buy'em ALL!! Ian is one of the rare and few artist has gone against the grain of trend or what ever might seem cool. A true artist will only paint and remain to his heart, mind and soul. Ian was the turning point and direction in me wanting to front and sing back in 1992. If there was no Ian Moore there probably be no JCM or The Killing Floor. I'd be playing in a cover band doing the same old Tool, 3-Doors Down or whatever hit music you hear on the radio.

And yes I've played in cover bands and in one time in front over ten thousand people at a 2003-2004, New Year's Eve event. It was great in all doing the autograph thing and throwing guitar picks after the show performance... But it was not me or my thing. I'm greatful and humble for the experience. If I was asked to do it again I probably would. Only because I know it would be a one shot thing and I wouldn't need to commit away from my passion The Killing Floor. So there I have experienced BOTH. ~JCM

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