After a year the new title of CD...

(Picture Taken By Kelly Fields)

Well tomorrrow Miguel, Jack and I will be heading at the Rhythm Room studios to finalized a final mix before the mastering of the CD. It's amazing after a year how things can change and have a totally different outlook and perspective on what was to be the original idea and theme. "La Danza Macabra" which means the dance of death will be the new title of CD.

Original front cover art work and theme is almost 100% finished. The first 1000 CDs will have the complete 11 songs. There after we might have to omit "Earth Blues and "Manic Depression". Will see and will try to keep'em. There will be slight differences on some songs from what you hear on MySpace. But more details soon on where it will be sold first. ~JCM


kelyyz said...

I love it already.

kelyyz said...

Wow July 2005 Archives! Long haul. Nice pic.