Scuttle Buttin' (early Killing Floor 2002 version)

This was recorded at my studios "Utopia" during the summer of 2002. and first incarnation of The Killing Floor. The JCM Band, the name of the band at the time, with the original line up and only a three piece.

JCM: Guitars
David Garza: Bass
Sonny: Drums

Captured here is my first time doing this track "Scuttle Buttin', a Stevie Ray Vaughan tune. Looking back at my guitar and amp tone... It was very different and I do remember using a Carvin XB-100 amp, I think is the name of the model, and my green Legacy G&L (Yvonne). I was in a Stevie Ray Vaughan kick mode for about six months. I remember a buddy of mine Brian asking me to do this tune back in '92. So it stayed with me and low and behold I'm doing it now. Brian, my friend, this one will always be for you bro... Early and rare stuff that you'll hear only here... Enjoy!! ~JCM

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