CD Update... Feb. 21 and Feb. 23, 2006

(The man!! Peter Carie of The Rhythm Room studios)

All right... I'm still under the weather and I feeling a bit better and just have enough energy to write this here and tell you what is going on. I been having some sever chronic insomnia for the past two weeks and it's kicking my ass pretty dam hard right now... In the last 72 hours, starting Monday, I counted maybe six hours of sleep. That's about two hours a day, give or take... I have a very bad headache on the top of my head, chills, fever, sneezing and bronchitis... Talk about a low immune system... Well enough of the wining and here's what's going on...

(My Dillion Flying V and Peavey Blues Classic was used one of the rhythm track on "Streets")

Feb 21: When in at around 11:am until 6:00pm and it was the first day to do lead guitar parts. I dropped off my mom at an appointment and I got lost trying to make to the studio along the way... Here I thought I knew my way in/out of San Antonio...

I felt like total shit thru out the whole Tuesday Feb. 21 day session... That was the day sickness and fatigue was creeping in...

The lead tracks that were complete Tuesday Feb. 21, 2006:

1.What I Dreamed To Do
2.Earth Blues
3.It's Not Me
4.Mary Jane

Feb. 23 10:00am - 8:30pm.... It was long and gruling but I finished all the lead guitar parts. It did feel good to play and I got in the zone pretty quickly... I do wished I had more time but I am about 85% happy with it. I had ask Peter towards the end of the day. To play me the Tuesday's session to make sure the feel was right and I was pleased what I heard.

The lead tracks done on the Feb. 23, 2006. 10:00am-8:30pm:

1.Day By Day

2.There's A Hole In My Heart


4.Satan's Alley



(Live at Sam's Buger Joint in Jan' 06.)

March 3rd is schedule for vocal duties...

The CD will take longer for it's released. I'm looking at maybe late March early April... JCM

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kelyyz said...

:/ going to have to tie you up to the bed, sedate you, feed you and take you to the coast for a vacation when you're done.

No, I mean it :)