A Gumbo of Mumbo-Jumbo! The secrets of...

Here's what I used for the recorded rhythm and leads guitar tracks. I did this mainly for myself for the next recording session, so I can remember what guitar sounds great with what. It's was a challenge keeping a written record of what I was playing at any given time during the recording process. You might find this interesting or maybe just a gumbo of mumbo- jumbo gear talk... I really labored just loading and unloading soo much gear and never mind all the sleepless nights... Anyway, no secrets here... It all here for you enjoy when the new CD arrives...

1. What I Dreamed To Do:
(Right Channel-Rhythm) G&L Comanche
(Left Channel - Rhythm) Yamaha RGX A-2
(solos) Yamaha AES 620SH
(Amps): Peavey Blues, w/Peavey 4x10 Blue Bell Speakers cabinet speakers being mic

2. Its Not Me:
(Rhythms and leads guitars): Epiphone Dot - 335 and Jerry Jones Sitar
(Amps): Yamaha DG 100A
(Solos): Epiphone Dot-335

(Epiphone Dot-335)

3. Mary Jayne:
(Rhythm-Left Channel): G&L S500 with Peavey Blues Classic.
(Rhythm- Right Channel): G&L Comanche with a Princeton with a small 10-inch single speaker and a original Ibanez TS808 pedal for grit.
(Solos): Fender Eric Clapton ("Kel-Blackie")

4. Manic Depression:
No over-dubs here!!
Fender 40th Anniver. "Janie" with a Peavey Blues Classic and through my pedal board and done in one take including solo

(Fender 40th Anniver. "Jaine")

5. Hole in My Heart:
(Right Channel rhythm): Fender Eric Clapton
(Left Channel rhythm): Fender 40th anniver. "janie"
(Amps) Peavey Blues Classic
(Solos) Fender 40th Anniver.

(Fender Eric Clapton "Kel-Blackie")

6. Savvy:
(Left Channel Rhythm): G&L S500 "Maggie"
(Right Channel Rhyhm): Yamaha AES 620 SH-Sammy Hagar w/toggle switch on middle.
(Middle Channel): Yamaha AES 620 SH lite distortion with neck pickup
(Amps) Peavey Blues Classic.
(Solos) G&L Comanche "Delia"

(G&L Comanche "Delia")

7. Streets:
(Left Channel Rhythm): Yamaha AES 820 Baritone, w/Peavey Blues Classic Amp
(Right Channel Rhythm): Dillion Flying V w/Peavey Blues Classic Amp (Middle Channel Rhythm): Yamha AES620SH- Sammy Hagar w/Peavey 5150 amp
(Solos): G&L Comanche "Delia", w/Peavey Blues Classic Amp and a small Vox Brian May's BMV-1 amp.

(Yamaha AES -620SH "Cabo Wabo")

8. Day By Day:
(One Track Guitar Rhythm): Blue Fender American Telecaster w/Peavey Blues Classic amp.
(Solos) Fender Telecaster w/line 6 DM (distortion pedal on octave-univibe and Dunlop Roto-vibe.

(G&L S-500, "Maggie")

(Left Rhythm Channel): White Burns Marquee guitar
(Right Rhythm Channel): Fender 40th anniversary.
(solos): G&L S-500 "Maggie"
(Amps): Peavey blues classic

(Burns Marquee"Jeri")

10. Satans Alley:
This one was done a little different:
(Main Rhythm Guitar and outro leads): Fender 40th Anniver.
(Intro leads and fills and Outro Rhythm Guitar): Yamaha RGX-A2

11.Earth Blues: Another recorded oddity!!Main guitars recorded but will not be panned hard Left or Right. (Guitars) Old early eighties Ibanez Roadstar w/three single coils. Blue Italia Modulo, two single coils and a P90 single on the bridge. (solos) Ibanez Roadstar (amps) Peavey Blues Classic.

(Italia Modulo "Live")

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