Amplifyd & The Killing Floor @ Rock City: Sept. 11, 2005

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Posted Sunday, September 11, 2005
Amplifyd and TKF at Rock City

As you probably know, last Monday was my birthday, as well as Kel's. Also Friday was DJTazz's birthday. So Monday we Virgo chicks had a Birthday/Labor Day bash at my house. The Killing Floor was kind enough to come over and jam for us (and various friends and neighbors who dropped by to hear some music). A great time was had by all.

Anyway, my friends were very impressed by The Killing Floor and some had not seen them with full setup (they used minimal equipment for the party). So I had to take them out to see them last night at Rock City Bar. Also, I had heard good things about Amplifyd, who also played, and I wanted to check them out. All I heard was true.

Amplifyd plays a combination of hard rock and blues. A lot of great originals plus an interesting mix of covers, from ZZ Top to KISS, blending seamlessly from Robin Trower into Jimi Hendrix. They have a very full sound for a 3-piece band, all doing double-duty, trading off on vocals as well as playing their instruments. Deon Clark has an awesome voice and he just looks like he's having a great time back there behind his drum kit! Rich Zielin also has a very good voice and I was really impressed with his guitarwork. Warren Hammonds kicked ass on bass and also stepped up to do the lead vocals on "Deuce". The crowd loved them, and they collected $180 in their tip jar, which will be donated to The Red Cross. They promised to match the amount and The Killing Floor said they would too, so The Red Cross should be getting a pretty good donation!

The Killing Floor

Up next was The Killing Floor, kicking blues rock butt as always. It was great to see Jack back in action on drums for a few songs, after surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Filling in for him on the rest of the songs was Jacob. Great job! I won't go on about The Killing Floor, as they've already been reviewed on here by me, Darren and DJTazz! But it's always an amazing experience to watch JCM on guitar, and last night was no different.

The highlight of the evening was when the members of both bands gathered onstage and graced us with an ass-kicking blues rock jam! It was interesting watching JCM and Rich go back and forth with their different styles on guitar. Great jam!!

The Jam

Watch for The Killing Floor back at Rock City on October 15th. I don't have any dates on Amplifyd at this time, but I'll let you know when I find out so you can go check them out. In the meantime, you will be able to hear one of their originals on the mp3 "jukebox" as soon as I figure out which song I like the best off their demo...tough decision!!

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Anonymous said...
Rich, Deon & Warren; you guys really
REALLY rocked last night, and can't wait to catch you all again.

jcmexperience said...

Rowan, family and friends, Thanks for your support as always a blast to hang out with you guys... It was a kick ass show and Amplifyd was just soo freaking awesome. The Killing Floor will be booking more dates with Amplifyd. Till then... SA ROCKS!!!!!

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