Crazy Night At BoozeHounds posted on July 24, 2005

Taken From SA Rocks on Sunday, July 24, 2005

Crazy Night at BoozeHounds

Well if you've never seen The Killing Floor it is something that can not be missed. Not only was the music awesome but JCM is a master of anything that can be done with a guitar. One person near me said that what he did to a guitar bordered on abuse, but the sounds created are something no one should miss. JCM threw the guitar down and played it like a piano and then beat it with his guitar strap. Jack back on the drums played with a fire that you could feel along with Larry on bongos to create the perfect backing. While Matt, the new bass player, fit into the groove of this band like a glove. It should mentioned that this was the first time Matt had ever played with the Killing Floor.

Next Velveteen Skeen, who also had a first time member playing with them, continued the evening. These guys could could only be desribed as WILD. It was the birthday of the bassist Cajun Craig so the shots of tequila flowed up to the stage from the crowd all throughout their performance. The singer known as Zippy was a head-banging ball of energy; he jumped all over the bar. Big Will the guitarist played with feeling (and girls this guy is hot if you get the chance to see this guy you will see what I mean). Mark the Spark - this was his first time playing with them but he fit right in. Craig, Will and Matt even broke into a jam right in the middle of their set and it was awesome. These guys played a great mix, and they describe themselves as the orginal rock band of San Antonio, need I say more.

If you got to stay a little longer you got a unique indescribable threat. Mark and Jack had a drum war jam that was fantastic! Both Mark and Jack jumped on top their sets and played each other's drums and also had a female jump into the action. The action and the sound was remarkable what more could I say but WOW.
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Rowan said...

ummm..."threat" should be "treat" -we missed that one in the editing! oops! Although threat's kinda cool too, lol!Also, my apologies to SA Creeper that we didn't come in till the end of their set and missed most of it. But we WILL catch you again for a full show sometime soon. Promise.TKF, you blew me away as always...love hanging with you guys.Velveteen Skeen - Will, I can't believe you answered your cell phone in the middle of a song! LOL! Just kidding (sorta), you guys were great...loved it!And again, welcome to guest blogger DJTazz and thanks for doing the review!

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