Top Songs on the Jukebox for October!!

(Drummer for TKF: Jack Trevino a.k.a. Wacko Jacko)

Taken from SA ROCKS BLOGG: Monday, October 31, 2005

Top Songs on the Jukebox
Now that the jukebox doesn't play automatically, I can see which songs people are really listening to. Comes out two ways: by hits or by kilobytes. Hits would be the number of times people clicked on a song to listen to it, so how many actual times a song was played. Kilobytes would be, well, how many kilobytes of a song were downloaded. This may have to do with the length (and thus file size) of a song, but since mp3's stream (i.e. load as they play) I think it has more to do with how long a song was listened to, which also may have to do with the length of the song, but it may also reflect whether they kept listening to it or switched songs or stopped the player. So, anyway, now that I've confused everyone, and myself, here it is (drum roll please):

Top Five for OctoberBy Hits:

1. The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)
2. Tie between Structure "Like I Should" and Skunkweed "Wasted"
3. El Sancho "Mota-vation"
4. 21BLACK "Take Some Time" (cover)
5. Open Chapter "Remember"

By Kilobytes:
1. The Killing Floor "Voodoo Chile" (cover)
2. Structure "Like I Should"
3. 21BLACK "Take Some Time" (cover)
4. Skunkweed "Wasted"
5. Sexto Sol "Chicken Foot Boogaloo"

Close contenders:
The Groove Movement's "Sparrow's Song"
The Moral Fiction's (formerly Soneida) "Making the X Files Look Like Boy Meets World"

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