Why revise to please the excuse as I stand in line... haha

The revised from the last title blog post "Last 24 Hours".. As always I find myself writing an idea or experience without proof reading just so I have the nucleus of what makes my story. No matter how much lack of asleep, out of focus due to exhaustion I am, the sooner I write it, the closer to the experience it is. And Yes! Sometimes writing away I miss those punctuations and I loose that rhythmic sentencing flow and end up sounding like a dumbass. Yeah... But that's for you to see sometimes but to never share...lol

The whole episode what I call now "Fever Fried Brains" began this past Monday, 2-11-08 at 10:48pm but I began to feel sick and know of the virus presence before on Thursday night after rehearsal on the 7th of Feb. Downhill from then on which leads to my darkest hours on Monday night. I already have a song idea for it which will be more of capturing an experience of state of mind. Because trust me I never want to be there ever again.
Will it be an instrumental?? More than likely!

*Oh yeah on an ending note*

And trust me when I say...I'll be the first in line for next years flu shot when anounce. Mom raised no fool... Peace and love to you and yours... ~JCM

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