Fever Fried Brains...

(several influenza viruses)

The past three nights was total misery... This year's flu hit me with a vengeance like no other. Maybe because I'm older or maybe it was this years flu... Last night around
10:00pm I woke up with a unbearable fever and a sense of anxiety like no other. On a slight panic I set up a hot to warm bath to bring my temp down and while the feeling of relief was instant. I notice that my concentration was very off… While in the tub I would find myself starring at any anything and then my mind would wander and try and make a connection on things so irrelevant to each other... Very strange and trust me no illegal drugs were taken...Maybe that was my bad in the first place...LOL..:D.. Just Kidding!.. Anyways... After the bath the fever was still there but just not as intense. Afraid of going back to sleep because I feared the fever would intensify as I slept. I pace myself back and forth very slowly and my mind state was in total shock on how bad I felt. Then I would sit down and stare at the ceiling for long periods of time until point of exhaustion and dosing off by that state I just wanted to crash out in bed. I would sleep for about three hours and then a gagging cough would wake me up and I'd run to the toilet and release the phlegm and then do the whole process, pacing, sitting procedure thing again three different time periods between 12:00 mid-night to 5:30am and right around 7:00am. I woke up with no fever and my shirt was wet from sweat and the relief that the fever was some what broken. During the morning and through out the day quality of rest was so much better. But that lingering off and on fever plus the tightness of my chest with congestion, cough with phlegm, made me decide around 5:00pm. F*&K IT!! I'm NOT going through this shit again and off to the Texas-Med-Clinic. The doctor diagnoses: the flue virus, strip throat, inflamed tonsils and a respiratory infection. I received my medication and of course five hours later I'm here writing this experience to you… I'm feeing almost 100% but I won't celebrate to health or claim victory until I finish all my meds and that will be in 7-10 days. Until then I'll sound like a freaking wino clearing my throat and lunging out the noogies non-stop...LOL (yeah I'm laughing now but wasn't 24 hours ago coming from Scare Shitless, Shit Creek Town, State of Euphoria)...Fever Fried Brains is their specialty and my brain was almost in the fryer... Kinda makes a good B-movie... Anyways, stay healthy and watch for that flu bug because this year it packs a very hard punch like no-other I've ever experience. ~JCM

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