So called "Standard Contracts"...

So called "Standard Contracts"... Category: Music

I've run into so many people who say they've been given a "Standard" Songwriting or Management or Record Company Agreement [contract], with the person saying to them, "this is what everybody signs"...

If you ever see the word "Standard" at the top of a contract - ignore it!!! Have someone in the music business check it over carefully! There's no such animal as a "Standard Contract". I've seen way too many different Agreements of each type with the word Standard at the top.
There may be some standard parts [called "boilerplate"] in a contract, or it could be that person's or company's standard agreement. But, there's no such thing as a contract that's "standard" - that everyone gets from everywhere.

Believe me, besides stuff that should be changed or taken out, I bet there's important stuff LEFT OUT of the contract that should be PUT IN the contract to protect you!!!Allow me, or an established Entertainment Attorney to check your contracts to make sure you are properly protected!!!

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