Before You put Out Your CDs...

Before You put Out Your CDs...

I found this re-post necessary for those putting out CDs - I'm still seeing labeling problems that could cost you...

I've found that most people don't understand the differences & uses of (c) with (P) in regards to their use on products, word sheets, etc.

(c) stands for the SONG Copyright Ownership - Unpublished OR Published
Songs are Registered in Washington with FORM PA - Published or Unpublished

(P) does NOT stand for Published!

(P) stands for the RECORDING ownership - Production. That is, whomever Owns the Recording/Production.

Most often on CDs, etc., you will see, for example:

(P)2005 WMG [Note: WMG = Warner Music Group]

Now, you DON'T have to be a Record Company to own the Recording. If you PAID for the recording or you recorded it in your own studio, unless otherwise stipulated by a Contract - you Own it.

Sound Recordings are Registered with FORM SR.

An SR form can protect an individual(s) or company for...

Vocal Performances, and/or Instrumental Performances/Musical Arrangements, and/or "Beats", and/or Producer/Production... and the like.

What is important, either in PA or SR is the: "Copyright Claimant", [Number 4 on the forms]. That person or company is the Owner of what the form covers.

For complete step-by-step instructions on filling out Copyright Registration Forms, go to: www.professorpooch.com/Copyrighting.htm

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