Do You Have A "Good" Product?

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Do You Have A "Good" Product? Category: Music

I'm now going to ask you to think about yourself, your band or group, as well as your projects, as: "the Product"! Please put your ego away for a moment, and try to be completely objective:

1. Is the product packaged right?
2. Does it "perform satisfactorily", pleasing the public?
3. Does it achieve "repeat sales" in the market?
4. Is the product profitable?

Regardless of what you do, whether it's songwriting, singing, playing an instrument, arranging, producing, whatever it may be, you shouldn't merely want to deliver just a "Good" product. Sure, a good, reliable product will meet all the points above, maybe even including profitability. However, there are literally thousands of good products in the Music world, most of them satisfied to be merely that.

To get right to the point: "Good" is not "Good Enough"! Aim for an OUTSTANDING product! Dont get lost in the crowd of "Good" people and products!

The life of a "good product" doesn't have much in the way of excitement, and the returns are limited. After a while, a good product may simply slip out of the market and disappear because it doesn't improve, and therefore isn't competitive. In the Music Business, like any other, not moving ahead really means falling back - being replaced.

To prevent it - as well as a way of keeping your interest up and keeping the excitement flowing - you must constantly seek ways to improve. Take a look around, watch what's happening, listen, and look for opportunities to move up.

Know what you want, and know how to do it - and then Just Do It! Preparation and attitude make the decisions easier to make, and make you look, and be, professional.

stolen from my book on the Music Biz available on my web site - link below...(c) 1984-2006 David J. Spangenberg

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Sounds like lots of good advice!