Update on CD: The beginning of the end is the end...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006:

I left for the studio and got there around 11:00 am and worked till maybe 5:30pm. We recorded and fined tuned a couple of backing and main vocals by adding harmonies. Then as it got closer to 3:00pm, I add acoustic parts on few songs. I used a Yamaha LLX6 (Dave Navarro signature) and a Yamaha Compass 12-string. Vocals on my part where done by the end of day and the next session was for the band to record there backing vocals and percussions.

Thursday Morning around 5am to 6am:

I wrote a chart that I will post. To map out where to record and on what parts on what songs... If that makes any sense... I had about two hour sleep. I was just to hyper and re-thinking the whole day's plan, for my goal that day, was to finally finish the recording process...

Thursday, March 23, 2006:

I made it to the studio around 10:15am and I brought with me, my Yamaha MOTIF ES 7, Jerry Jones Sitar and a Fernades Strat for if just incase I need to fine tune something that I might have missed.The whole morning till about 4:00pm Peter and I worked on adding some B-3 organs sounds on some tracks. Nothing fancy just simple chords to add some bluesy texture that would enhanced some of the songs. Peter did all the organ stuff which did come out sounding very nice, big and full... The only thing I did was the weird eerie background noises on the into of "It's Not Me". Which were a couple of presets taken from the Motif ES 7.

The "It's Not Me" plan:

On that song I was thinking of adding a piano part using the same chord progression of "It's Not Me" and then me adding a small guitar line that would compliment it. Well Peter played this beautiful piano passage with chords and melodies using a Yamaha S08 and then the Erie Yamaha Motif sound effects was placed in the background. Those parts end right after the beginning guitar line of "It's Not Me"

Well............I couldn't touch it or add anything to that piano intro. It sounded soo good... I asked Peter to play the same thing after the song ended and he did. So now with a new ending new piano part of "It's Not Me" A marching snare drum was added and a slide guitar part that was plugged directly into the mixing board and were recorded. Peter suggested in adding a slide guitar part instead of just fucking around with the same old same old... So Peter played me and idea using a glass bottle and started playing a slide passage melody. I got the slide placed it on my ring finger and started playing my own thing and touch. We recorded three takes and the second one was the best and you'll hear that take on the CD. It's about 30 seconds and it's in the same vain as "... And The Vampires Made Love" .


Larry got there first and setup and then David and Jack... The band did backing vocals on "Earth Blues", "What I Dreamed To Do", and "It's Not Me". David had to leave and so Larry did extra vocal duties on "Day By Day" .Larry did have trouble on congas and bongos. He only played percussion drums on outro of "Streets". Jack played percussion drums on "Savvy", "Streets", "Mary Jane" and "Satan's Alley" and shakers and tambourine was used also.

Session ended around 10:30pm with everything that needed to be record was done finally and so mixing will be the next journey which is booked April 4, 2006 at 10:00am. Till then.... ~JCM

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