Gumbo of mumbo jumbo: Part II

(Hhaaayyaahhh!! Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting)

I really made this just for me to look back, remember and relate... I thought of sharing this with you... It will be confusing and won't make any sense unless you hear the CD and want to know everything that I did. Other than that it's what I call Gumbo of mumbo jumbo...

1. Streets: Percussion on intro, outro-section. .

2. Savvy: Percussion and shaker on chant.

3. What I Dreamed To Do: Band backing vocals with radio sounding panned either left or right. B-3 choruses chords on: “Well if it feels good yeah yeah”- what I’m I to do” end piano chords right after “do” . Piano comes again on chorus “If you see my and my guitar I’ll …” and maybe during solo: No percussion but add: Tambourine after first verse and end the start of 2nd verse, solos. Chords: pre-chorus CCCC GCCG DCG, Tambourine after first verse and end the start of 2nd verse, solo.

4. Day By Day: B-3 sounding different though, Try Larry’s backing vocals with main and No Percussion. Chords on verse:E-B, D-A, pre-chorus: E… G-A

5. Mary Jayne: organ B3 sounding on verses only. Chords:Dm-Am (GCEA)

6. It’s Not Me: Dark intro, w/piano: Talk box, lynch mob preset, from Motif and Piano, ooooo's and ooohhh's sounds on chorus only and ending maybe for more color on “please forgive my sins” ending with Piano melody… (Dm-C-G-Dm)-(Dm-C-Gm-Dm) FAD w/SITAR… vocal multiple delay effects on“If I find a room” verse. Piano part with slide guitar and march snare.

7. Liv: shaker, only on choruses…

8. There’s a Hole In My Heart: organ – B3 on Am(GCEA) or “Heart” and (ACFA) other” Heart” and pre- E-D-Am.

9. Satan’s Alley: congas through out the song with shaker...

10. Earth Blues: Backing vocals of the band...”Every Body” and "Love-Love Love" Band only... I didn't do any backing on this one...

11. Manic Depression:
Nothing to be done here...

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