From July 16, 2005.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rock City Bar
A North Central night club is in need of a new roof. The club in question is Rock City Bar at 115 General Krueger. The Killing Floor, formerly The JCM Band, and Double Clutch rocked its roof off on Saturday, July 16.Taking the stage at approximately 9:30, TKF played two sets that included the Hendrix classics "Voodoo Child" and "Earth Blues," the Deep Purple classics "Highway Star" and "Smoke On The Water," Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "Slow Ride," Ian Moore's "Train Track," "Barline 99" and "Today" and their own "Mary Jane," "Day By Day," and "It's Not Me." Highlights included the leader Juan Carlos Martinez's hot, blues-drenched guitar leads and a Smirnoff-drenched guitar, David Garza's Les Claypool-ish and Billy Sheehan-ish bass solos and a furious rhythmic workout by drummer Jack Trevino and percussionist Larry Rimes that I'm sure would have thrilled Jose Chepito, Mike Carabello, Thomas "Coke" Escovedo and Neil Peart.

In the interim, Double Clutch took the stage with JCM on bass. Double Clutch's tattooed leader and guitarist Spider Mike declared before the set that they are the loudest Southern rock band. They backed up that claim with crunchy Motorhead-like Southern metal that must have left at least a few ears ringing. Spider Mike's colorful Southern-fried between-song banter was entertaining as was his raunchy, rhythmic guitar playing, Carlos' heavy, propulsive bass playing and the pummeling, machine-gun drumming.

Thanks to Darren for the review from last night!

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