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Review: The Psychedelic Jukebox

Review from Darren on The Psychedelic Jukebox:At the Panchitos on West Avenue the musical time machine that is the Psychedelic Jukebox took its willing riders on a journey back in time on the easy, breezy evening of Saturday, July 23 . By way of yesteryear hits such as "Hang On Sloopy," "Magic Carpet Ride," "Proud Mary," "All Right Now," "Reeling In The Years" and others the audience was magically transported to the days of the Ford Mustang's debut, The British Invasion, "Laugh-In," cat-eye glasses, 25-cent soda machines, tie-dyed shirts, paisley shirts, flower power and afros. This ensemble delivered the old hits with tremendous skill and definitely took me back.As I dined on beef empanadas I revisited my years as an Air Force child in a Billy Mitchell Village apartment (3013D General McMullen) with each room a different color. (I still have the social security card with that address.) I recalled the early years following my family's moving from base housing to a house in the Westwood Village subdivision, which neighbors the Southwest Research Biological Foundation. We could often hear the baboons' cries in the night. Along the subdivision's entrance was a farm and ranch. Much of the area was farm land then. This was long before Westlakes Mall, Highway 151 and Ingram Mall were built.The Psychedelic Jukebox made me reminisce about years long past, about simpler and less expensive times. They got me recalling scenes and images from my childhood. They did what a nostalgia act should do--with remarkable skill. It was a memorable performance.

posted by Rowan at 3:11 PM

Anonymous said...
Darren,Thanks for the great review.. I'm glad we able to take you back in
time... Oh yeah thanks for sharing the great enbanadas... JCM

Mark Carrillo said...
Darren,A pleasure to meet you. Thanks
for the kind words. We try to get the feel of the song as close to the recording
as we can. The crowd hung out all night, and were so kind. Everyone likes to
remember the songs, and maybe revisit some of the things that the mind triggers
when we hear those Classics.Regards,Mark CarrilloTHE PSYCHEDELIC JUKEBOX.

Rowan said...
Yep, made me think about one of the first things I remember asking for for
Christmas - a portable radio. I lived in a little town and we didn't get any of
the big radio stations. We went on a lot of family vacations though, and with a
portable radio I could catch some big stations during the long drives. I
remember the 1st song I listened to on it was "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies. And
if that makes me sound old, know that I was into music at a very young age - I
was probably about 4 at this time.BTW, great show and it was a pleasure to meet
Mark Carrillo.

Anonymous said...
Hell yeah, I be-bopped
around the house all during practice. Reminded me of being in the back seat of
my parents car listening to the radio.Great job by everyone; Steely Dan AIN'T
easy to play!

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