The Killing Floor will not be performing this Friday Nov.4th.

(Strat abuse at Taco Land early Jan'04)

The Killing Floor will not be performing at Rock City with Archer Ave and Amplifyd. Instead both bands have been asked to extend there setlist if possible... My original bassplayer is out of town and my temp bassplayer flaked out... I'm not very happy about but I will make it up on the 2nd of Dec. Now I did confirmed this date with Matt, in which sad to say, will be his last gig for TKF. Matt will be moving to Denver permently and will use the month of December to move from SA... But he will do one last show...

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture; what's funny is I know that strat is still just fine:)

No we have duct tape for Matt, remember? Sigh.

Bass players...heads up! TKF does rock like madness.