The beginning of the end for Double Clutch...

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Date:Sat Sep 24, 2005 4:10 am Subject:
Double Clutch... I Love It and I Hate It...

I know this is old news.. I'm just posting this for reference and venting... Double Clutch cancels two gigs because of hurricane Rita... But of course that was Matt and I doing not Spider Mike. I must have debated and argued with Spider Mike for about 4 hours as to why it's not a good idea to do these two out of town gigs. I just can't believe him sometimes and he's the biggest hard headed SOB I ever met... I too hate canceling gigs but I rather be safe than sorry and yet he would still chance it at all cost without thinking of the risks trying making the trip... It just blows my mind and again I am just venting here...I really feel for Matt (drummer) because he does all the driving for DC and has to put up with Mike's verbal abuse of "you're going to fast motherfucker, and motherfucker this and motherfucker that...Spider Mike does not drive highway because of some fucking anxiety driving condition phobia he has and yet he fucking bitches and cries like a fucking spoil brat that he is...


I'm always grateful with the people that share the same vision and I take care of them in my band. All I know that if Matt was to quit Double Clutch... DC would be without a backbone and I for sure wouldn't stick around either... I must say that Matt is one motherfucker tight power drummer I've had the pleasure of working with... It just ashamed that he's not able to expand and grow on the DC sound because of Spider Mike's lron grip he has on him. Now as far as the new song material for Double Clutch... It sound all right and workable but new material comes and it goes because Mike can't decide what he wants... Sometimes he forgets or trashes the new material because it didn't sound like this or that and so for five years 80% DC setlist still consist of the same old songs. Spider Mike wines and bitches as to why San Antonio's attendance been lacking and he feels remedy is to go elsewhere/out of San Antonio... Totally ass fucking backwards IMO... You need to make it first where you are and if things don't work out then you move... That's the way I would do it anyways... Otherwise it's very expensive and time consuming.

Mike does have his own personal touch and style that makes Double Clutch original and very unique... But I really don't know on how long I'll be sticking around... I like the experiences and I see the do's and the dont's. Playing bass has been a challenge and an experience that I'm glad I did and yes there are more goods than bads... But when it gets bad it really gets bad and that is what takes a toll on the band.
Mike and I have a mutual respect for each other and I do enjoy and follow his vision because it's a style of witting that I wouldn't do or come up with and I don't mean that in a bad way... There are somestuff that Mike does that I do scratch my head and say to myself... How the fuck did he do that... But again I'm just venting here and expressing myself, which I feel is healthy to do... JCM

(Written: September 24, 2005)

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