Italia Modulo Guitar Named "Liv"

An Italia Modulo guitar named of "Liv"... She's another favorite of mine and the only one to have a P-90 pickup at the bridge. There for having the meanest twang out of all my strats. I first used her at a Club Envy night event and that's the gig where I started breaking out of my shyness shell sorta of speak back in June of 2004.

(Summer of 2005 @ Bottom's Up and picture taken fr: Kel)

Here specs are: Sparkle glitter blue in front and torter shell plastic that looks like mother-of-peal at the back of guitar body and neck. Very unique and sexy stand-out-look. Agathis body, 22 jumbo frets, Wilkinson trem bar, with a tilted back headstock. She feels very different from a strat but she does have that Fender vib at the neck and middle position pickups. I like to use her for "Smoke on the Water" and " Highway Star" Deep Purple cover tunes...

(October 30, 2004 @ Matt Daddies)

She has a very clean and smooth growl when using the treb position P-90 pickup very unlike a high output humbucker. I've always like low-output pickups because of there weak magnet... I love to hear the tone of wire and the wood of the guitar. Making the amp work harder to capture total tone and that to me the one of the keys to great guitar tone.

(October 30, 2004 @ Matt Daddies)

Check out there website at www.italiaguitars.com

They have some other killer models and they don't cost a fortune.

(My next one on my list is this white one with a P-90 also)

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