G&L S-500 Guitar Named... "Maggie"

This is a G&L S-500 and she goes by the name of Maggie... This baby was used all over the place during the recording of The Killing floor's version of Voodoo Chile... Real quick and painless specs: Rosewood fretboard, Ash Body, with 22 jumbo frets, it does have locking tuners and the only modifications done was to replace the original nut with a bone nut...

"My favorite part was when Garbage walked by and handed JCM a cordless phone, and without breaking stride at all, JCM grabbed the phone and started playing his guitar with it." ~ Rowan

(Pictures courtesy of Rowan of www.sarocks.com)

I used Maggie to open up my very first gig in 2002 as a front man at Tacoland and that's why it holds a special place in my heart. The gig event was called Herbfest '02 and I think we did only three songs. What I do remember was me being very nervous but I did loosen up towards the end of last song and it did end up costing me. I didn't know how to twirl my guitar while laying it flat on the floor and when I did the neck by the nut took a hard hit and chipped the nut off and a piece of wood that held it... I was very pissed and very green towards guitar stunts. I still used her and I tried not to get too crazy on her live. She has very high output pickups that is not as tangy as a Fender strat. She has lots of git and meat to her and that's what makes her sound very unique.

AAh yes... Me licking Maggie

(Pictures courtesy of Rowan of http://www.sarocks.com)

Second and third pictues were taken at Rock City Bar November 4, 2005...

Thanks again Rowan you rock... JCM

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Rowan said...

Yep, two of my favorite pics of that night :)