The Quest For Tone... How hard can it be??

(The quest is much bigger than you think)

When we first learn to play guitar all we want to do is get the dexterity, technique and learn songs... We figured any distortionand an amp with a good clean sound would do and it always does...Power chords to "Rock you like a Hurricane" and fingerpicking "Holiday" of the Scorpions was the shit with me big time...Of course this is still the learning period.... and then... I wanted to fast pick like Paul Gilbert and Yngwie and just could not get that machine gun or the stick poking through fast moving bikespokes effect.... and I tried and tired and nothing... Everything sound like crap and I started to think it was me... Then I came to find about distortion pedal, overdrive pedal, boosters, and fuzz... never mind mentioning what brand... soo then I read my fav guitarplayers setup and there I went to purchase as close and what could I afford... YEAH I finale got that sound of fast picking muffling effect... so there i am speed picking legato licks all day.... yeah still learning... Well the crunch rhythm like George Lynch, Warren De Martni and Nuno Bettencourt sounded awesome... and guess what... I couldn't that sound... Well fuck... What the fuck... Power crunch chords, Come on man, you gotta have that too... sooo there I go again... but now I'm trying to fit the machine gun speed picking sound and rhythm crunch together... sooooI purchased a Digitech all in one pedal board with my fav guitarist presents and sound... Yep heaven now all my prayers answered.... Well??? Not really....Of course by the time of having this Nirvana, Peal Jam, Sound and AIC placed a damper on things... Now my sound was very dated and now I'm stuck with all this gear and schooling that is not hip anymore.... We I guess I'm screwed again....Well the road I took was... To learn the instrument as much as I could and not to let trends and media take hold of you... Eventually your mindset of what your tone/sound is will meet with you as you progress through your instrument... But it is a long long process and the more you put in your instrument the more you'll get out...There are lots of factors of what you signature tone is... I'll make it simple and painless...1.Guitar: Wood: neck/body, pickup brand. style of pickups and string gauge. 2.Chords or cable 3.Pedal: Brand, in what chain order to place them, how many pedals (the more the worse you are off due to hiss. 4.Amp: What kind of tubes, what brand of tubes, what kind of setup does you amp have. Marshall has the best distortion but not very good clean. Fender has the best clean but not very good distortion. How many channels does you amp have. 5.cabnets: what brand of speaker. how many speaker, and how big are the speakers...and that is just scratching the surface... ALL AMP BRANDS SOUND DIFFERENT AND THE SAME BRAND AND MODEL WILL NOT SOUND THE SAME EITHER AND THAT GOES THE SAME WITH GUITARS.... This really complicates things.... JEEEZZZ makes me wanna be a keyboard player and just have program presets sounds of instruments and all I would have to do is EQ the sound through the keyboard to my liking.... NO pun intended to keyboard players either... But it's not easy been a seasoned guitar player either... Sooooo yes it's not easy searching for your TONE/SOUND/TECHNIQUE/TIMBRE/CHARCTERISTCIS can be a life time search for some of us guitarplayers.... JCM

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