JCM on Bass w/Double Clutch second stage @ Judas Priest & Queensryche Concert in SA. (Pt.I)

(Top Pic is a stage view from 2nd stage and that's my truck on the left hand side at the Verizon in San Antonio.)

(Bottom Pic are passes: lunch meal, parking and limite access pass.)

Here's was the line up at the Verizon June 25, 2005...Judas Priest, Queesyrche and second stage: Double Clutch. I gotta handed to Spider Mike's persistence and diligent forus being in this mega line up bill and I also want to thank Nightrocker for the consideration... Not many people can say I opened up for Queensryche and Judas Priest...We were treated very well from the time we got there... I thought more bands would be playing the B-stage, but nope, only us... Wer eceived limited access passes and meal tickets to there VIP access only building. The meal: Chicken fried steak, mash potatoesw/greenbeans was a delicacy when you haven't eaten all day and just finished doing a grueling 1:45minute set... DC only has a 30minuteset so we had to recycle the songs over and over... What was funny on the first 25min, our only song setlist sheet flyers away and Mike is a total mess and starts to freakout... He starts to entertain the crowd as best he can and there I go looking for the fucking setlist - Fucking hallious... Well I come back empty handed and as you know The Show Must Go On... Spider Mike did very well shooting out songs and still making it happen for the next hour or so during this hot Texas heat. Poor Matt our drummer was transforming into a lighter shade of reddish -pink as was I too taking a toll all except Mike... That fucker didn't even tan...lol We started at around 5:30 stopped at 7:30 with a 15 minute break in between. Queensryche hit the stage alittle after 7:30... So we were basically entertainment for the people as they would walk in and wait for the concert to start and what turn out to be a sound check just rolled into a live DC performance.I met Andrew the setup guy there for stage B... Wonderful person with lots of funny and interesting stories of all these mega-concerts he'd help setup... He really made us feel right at home and attended to us in every need... He even supplied some picks forme... I had a brand new Fender Heavy transparent celluloid guitarpick (the pink one picture posted here)and the first half piecebroke off in about hour and fifteen minutes later the other half...I couldn't believe it... Thanks to Andrew again for suppling me with heavy tortex guitar picks... That is really what I used anyway's and I was fine through the remainder of the night... Andrew was the hero of the day...more later... JCM

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